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This page showcases the international links you could establish as a student on the BA Education course.

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University of Nottingham UK and Malaysia Campus online collaboration

Trent Building on the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus

Maria-Komissa Kalafati, third year student, describes how Covid-19 led to the development of a virtual collaboration between campuses.

Diversity, internationalisation and globalisation are focal elements in our BA Education degree. This University of Nottingham UK and Malaysia campuses collaboration initiative,aimed to put into practice the key ideas we have been studying throughout the course.

It gave us opportunities to connect with peers from Malaysia, whilst enabling us to develop personally by exploring new initiatives and taking on new roles. We undertook many interactive activities, which included email communications and utilising Microsoft Teams channels and WhatsApp groups.

The first official cross-campus meeting was the beginning of our journey, our first connection with students from Malaysia and an opportunity to create a bond with them. Further conversations highlighted cultural differences and similarities. We learnt from one another and began to understand the different values and lifestyles. 

We also had the opportunity to experience the different university seminars, by organising online cross-campus lecture sit-ins. This enabled us to connect deeply in an academic context and allowed us to debate different perspectives and opinions.Undeniably, this broadened our horizons and allowed us to see the different ways our lectures are organised and the content that is covered. It was especially interesting to appreciate the connection from theory to practice.

As this collaboration aimed to celebrate cultural diversity, a student initiative led to the organisation of a virtual cultural exchange week. This enabled us to build on our acquaintances, learn and support each other. By the end of this collaboration, we all unanimously agreed that we have made new friends, immersed in different cultures and experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We have had a glimpse of the experiences in both university campuses and this has partially filled in the gap created by the cancellation of the UK-Malaysia student exchange programme due to Covid-19. However, we believe that this collaboration has gone even further than simply filling the gap, as it has also enabled students who would not have participated in the physical exchange to have an active role.

This virtual exchange programme is still growing, and we hope it can reach its full potential of creating a sustainable virtual link between the two campuses. The increase in the use of digital technology has allowed us to take advantage of easy access and instant communication by eclipsing national borders and actively engaging peers from across the globe. This is our building block in globalisation and both campuses are eager to continue and develop this collaboration. 


International exchange student from Chile

Sofia Jouanne came to the University of Nottingham for a semester on an international exchange. She is studying at university in Chile to become a primary school teacher. She spent a few months studying modules in other schools that will be accredited to her course in Chile. 

Sofia joined us on our BA Education visit to St Anns Community Orchard and also spent a day visiting a local primary school, where she taught Year 5 and 6 pupils about Chile.

Sofia says it was a big opportunity, because even though she couldn’t take any education modules, she learned a lot about being a teacher, "it's not just about teaching maths, english or science, no, is much more than that…it requires understanding how people think, knowing how to make our students comfortable and valuing different points of view".

Sofia Jouanne, international exchange student from Chile
This semester I discovered that, beyond my modules, I am surrounded by experiences that are an opportunity for being a better teacher…making new friends, going to new places, missing home, trying new hobbies or even the mistakes we make on our daily activities…everything is an opportunity to grow! And we should never forget that.
Sofia Jouanne

Exchange students from the University of Nottingham's Malaysia Campus

Meet some of the education students from the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus taking part in the Semester two exchange programme.


Nkatha hopes one day she can use the skills she gains to provide good quality education to the people of her country who do not have access to it currently. 

She is looking forward to a different experience: food, people, weather and also being on a campus, as her university study so far has been all online. She hopes to grow and learn both inside and outside the classroom and obtain a British accent!! 


Mellanie (Shu Hui)

Melanie believes everyone should have an equal place in education and wants to make an impact in the student community.

She is looking forward to making new friends, exploring different cultures and visiting new places in the UK.



Jasmin is studying education because she is interested to understand about people’s behaviour and how education impacts them and their way of thinking.

She is looking forward to sightseeing, the food, the culture, and the campus life in Nottingham.



Anis is studying education and wants to be a teacher, she finds younger people are entertaining.

She is looking forward to discovering our antique shops in England because they are cooler than the ones in Malaysia.




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