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Student Experience Fund

The Student Experience Fund is a funding pot which all current School of English students can apply to. Its purpose is to fund student ideas that will positively impact the student experience of one or more students within the school. This includes students on Joint Honours, 2+2, on-site Masters, Distance Learning and Research programmes 

You may have thought of an idea or project that could improve the experience of students on your course, but it needs resources or funding. Perhaps you would like to gauge interest from fellow students before going ahead with your idea. You can submit your idea using the ideas form below. The ESE Team can also send your idea to student groups on your behalf.


How to apply

Tell us in up to 250 words the outline of your idea. It should:

  • improve the experiences of one or more School of English students
  • be achievable during one academic year or period of study (think SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed)
  • cost up to £250*
  • be submitted by current students only, either an individual or as a group

Submit your idea here

*If your idea is likely to exceed this, please speak to the ESE Team for advice.

The Education and Student Experience (ESE) Team will read your idea and contact you to find out more. We’ll explain how your idea can be taken forward, either through the Student Experience Fund or in another way. 

After we’ve had a chat with you/your group, we’ll support you in your application.

The application 

Once you have honed your idea and have a plan on how to make it work you can then apply for funding.

The application will ask you to explain:

  • your idea or project
  • how it will positively impact on the experiences of one or more students
  • how much you want to apply for
  • how you would carry out your idea 

Submit your application here

A panel will review the applications and decide on allocation of funds. If your idea is funded, the ESE Team will support you to carry it out and review it afterwards. The review involves a report and you may be invited to an end of year showcase event.

If your idea isn’t funded, we’ll look at other ways to achieve your project idea.    


Got questions?

Email the ESE Team

See our Frequently Asked Questions

View a list of your reps on the Moodle SSF page

Don't forget - You can speak to your Course Rep and Education Rep about any course feedback you have, as well as your Personal Tutor. You can view a list of your reps on the Moodle SSF page.

Alternative formats

To access the idea submission form or application form in another format, please contact the ESE team.

Email: Education and Student Experience (ESE) Team.


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