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Student Voice in the School of English

As a student in the School of English, you will have the opportunity to have an impact on your course and to contribute to the wider student experience.

Here you can find information on how you can engage with your course, the School and the student community, and make sure that your views and ideas are represented.

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Reps are students elected by peers to present their views and concerns to key staff within the School. The three main rep types are: Faculty Reps, Education Reps and Course Reps. Faculty Reps represent the views of UG or PGT students across the Faculty, Education Reps are second or final year UG students who act as the lead rep in each School and Course Reps represent groups of UG, PGT and PGR students from each stage of study. 

Students can nominate themselves to be course reps at the beginning of each year.

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Your Reps are here to represent you. You can contact your Rep throughout the year to put forward your views. This may be feedback about your course, issue you'd like to be raised at SSF meetings or suggestions for the School.

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Diversity in the Curriculum

What is it? Diversity in the Curriculum was formed to keep conversations following the Black Lives Matter letters we received from students relating to the global response to the death of George Floyd. We have a number of commitments in place as a School to work towards decolonising the curriculum, addressing the BME degree awarding gap and for the School to be an inclusive environment for all. 

How do I get involved? The Diversity in the Curriculum group is open to all students. There is also no ongoing commitment, you can go to one meeting, all of them or any other combination.

Teaching Committee

What is it? The Teaching Committee oversees and reviews teaching and assessment within the School at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, seeking to incorporate best University and Faculty practice into the School’s taught programmes. It also participates in University and Faculty discussions on learning, teaching, assessment and the student experience with reference to these aims.

How do I get involved? The UG Education Rep and a Nominated PGT Course Rep are the student representatives at this committee. You can contact your nominee at any time for updates or to make suggestions on issues raised.


EDI Committee

What is it? The School's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee develops and implements strategies and policies to ensure that staff and students are treated fairly. Committee members work together to tackle issues raised by staff and students, to respond to University-level initiatives towards inclusivity, and to monitor equality data relevant to gender, age, sexuality, disability, race, religious/political beliefs, nationality, socio-economic background and family circumstances. EDI Reps are an essential part of these conversations, offering insight into the student experience.

How do I get involved? The student representatives at the EDI Committee are the EDI Reps. You can either run to be an EDI rep or contact your EDI Rep to ask for updates or provide feedback you'd like to be brought up.

Student Staff Forums

What is it? A Student Staff Forum (SSF) is a meeting attended by both members of staff and student representatives. The purpose of a SSF is to ensure the views and concerns students have about their course are represented to academic staff throughout the year.

How do I get involved? SSFs are attended by Course and Education Reps. Course Reps are self nominated at the beginning of the academic year and Education Reps are elected in the Spring Term for the following academic year. To put forward views and concerns at SSFs, students can contact their Reps by email or submit anonymous feedback. You can find the agendas and minutes of past SSF meetings on Moodle.

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Student Experience Fund

The Student Experience Fund is a funding pot which all current School of English students can apply to. Its purpose is to fund student ideas which will positively impact on the student experience of one or more students within the school.

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Student's Union


Students' Union societies also offer opportunities for students to get involved with their course and the University.

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English Society


Student's Union Networks are formed to bring together and represent students from specific communities. There are currently nine student networks.

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The Student's Union Officers work to represent UoN students and make change at the University. There are 8 full time officers and 7 part-time officers. These positions are elected yearly.

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Key Contacts

EDI Lead

Dr Spencer Jordan is the School Direction of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. He is the chair of the EDI committee.

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Education and Student Experience (ESE) Team

The ESE Team work to support your student experience. The team works in a variety of areas including supporting student reps.

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Reps 22/23

Your School of English Education Rep for 22/23 is Laura Scaife.

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