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Project-based dissertations

The final year project-based dissertation module is for those interested in ‘hands-on’ aspects of English.

How does it work?

The project-based dissertation involves a placement, or period of observation and activity, with a partner from within or outside the university. 

Placement lengths vary. Some run all year long, while others are just for a few weeks.

Research questions are based on the research carried out during the placement. For example, it could be "The role of the supernatural in the Nottingham Playhouse’s production of Macbeth".

Who can take part?

  • Single and joint honours students from the School of English, who are entering their final year of study*
  • Places are limited to the number of placements available
  • The application process includes an interview
The project-based dissertation has equipped me with lots of new skills. The placement has provided me with experience in archive cataloguing work, and has also enhanced my ability to be methodical and neat through organising the archive. 

Read more about Charlie's project >


*Unless the course requires a compulsory dissertation of another kind.

What are the benefits? 

You will gain experience not only of independent research, but also of working in a professional environment.

Examples of project-based dissertations


Theatre projects at Nottingham Lakeside Arts

  • Creativity in Action: Analysing the process and performance of the Christmas Show for children and young people
  • Creativity in Action: Analysing the process and performance of a new play in a regional context

Nottingham Playhouse projects

  • Programming the set text: Education and economics
  • Adapting the fairytale: Analysing the process and performance of Jack and the Beanstalk by Mike Kenny
  • Sport on stage: Analysing the process and performance of Diary of a Football Nobody by Billy Ivory

Behind the Scenes at the (Archaeology) Museum projects

  • Behind the Scenes of the Museum: Language & Knowledge
  • Behind the Scenes of the Museum: Contextualizing Material Culture

DH Lawrence Heritage project

  • The Impact of Literary Heritage: Understanding and Evaluating the DH Lawrence Festival 

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