Nottingham Centre for Research on
Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP)

10th GEP Annual Postgraduate Conference

Held on 14th and 15th April 2011 at The University of Nottingham

Papers Presented
Rahel Aichele Estimating the e ect of Kyoto on bilateral trade flows using matching econometrics
Daniel Bernhofen A resource augmentation characterization of the gains from trade (Abstract only)
Deniz Civril The Impacts of Technology and O shoring on Labor Demand: An Analysis Using Microlevel Data
Lisandra Flach Quality upgrading and price heterogeneity: evidence from Brazilian manufacturing exporters
Jasmin Groeschl Natural Disasters and the Effect of Trade on Income: A New IV Approach
Amelie Guillin How Far Away is an Intangible?
Services FDI and Distance
Benedikt Heid The rise of the maquiladoras: Labor market
consequences of offshoring in developing countries
Lei Hou Financial Structure, Productivity and Risk of FDI
Ina Jäkel Trade exposure and firm exit
Philipp Meinen Sunk Costs of Exporting and the Destination Market
Evidence from Denmark
Smaranda Pantea International Integration of Firms and Demand for Skills
Benjamin Protte Does Fleet Street shape politics? How newspaper reporting on globalization changes the support for unemployment insurance
Alief Rezza FDI and the Pollution Haven: Evidence from Norwegian Manufacturing
Lorenzo Rotunno  Chinese Networks and Tariff Evasion
Christian Viegelahn Indian Antidumping Policy and its Impact on the Markups of Domestic Firms
Jens Wrona Two-way migration between similar countries


Posters presented
Svetlana Batrakova Flip side of the pollution haven: do export destinations matter?
Sebastian Benz Knowledge spillovers in Germany: A spatial input-output weighted estimation strategy. Pg1, pg2, pg3, pg4
Homagni Choudhury Are real wages converging among Indian industries? Time series evidence with two structural breaks
Tobias Ketterer The Impact of Preferences on Multilateral Tariff Cuts – Evidence for Canada
Finn Martensen Globalization, Endogenous Growth and
Unemployment: How to Remove Scale Effects?
Florian Moelders Trade Creation and the Status of FTAs - Empirical
Evidence from East Asia
Robert Riegler The Determinants of the Organisational Structure of UK Firms pg1, pg2, pg3, pg4
Laura Rovegno The Impact of Export Restrictions on targeted firms: Evidence from Antidumping Against South Korea
Jiarui Zhang Why Firms React Differently to Credit Shock:
Financial Constraint and Margins of FDI Revisited

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