Publication scheme class five

 Our Policies and Procedures

In this section you can find policy and procedural information relating to the University's main areas of activity. This includes the University Ordinances and our Quality Manual. The Quality Manual acts as a central source of information for policy and procedures which support the University in its aim to assure the quality of its learning, teaching, and supervision.

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5.1 Policies & Procedures for Conducting University Business

Codes of Practice

University Calendar

University Ordinances


Handling Requests for Information

Please contact

5.2 Policies & Procedures Relating to Academic Services

Honorary Degrees Ordinances - Honorary Degrees
Changing Courses Quality Manual - Student Regulations
Student Assessment Quality Manual - Assessment
Appeals Quality Manual - Appeals Policy and Procedure
Breach of Assessment Regulations Quality Manual - Assessment Offences Policy and Procedure
5.3 Policies & Procedures Relating to Student Services

Student Admissions

  • Widening Participation
  • Graduation

Recruitment and Admissions

Widening Participation


Graduation information

Registration University Registration
Accommodation Student Accommodation
Student Record Systems SATURN is the current Student Administration System for the University of Nottingham, which replaced the student record system on the Hewlett Packard computer on 29 March 1999. It is a bespoke system, based upon a system purchased from the University of Lancaster. The system itself has a number of "modules" which together form the basis of the student administration system, but also integrates to other bespoke systems. The main "modules" are: Student Records, Course Handbook, Maintenance, Undergraduate Admissions, Postgraduate Admissions and Fee Billing.
Assessment of External Qualifications Accreditation of Prior (Experiential) Learning
Student Appeals and Complaints

Quality Manual - Academic Appeals

Quality Manual - Student Complaints

Code of Student Discipline Code of Discipline
5.4 Policies & Procedures Relating to Human Resources
Generic Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Collective Bargaining, etc Copies of these policies are available on request. Please email
Staff Grievances Grievances and Complaints
Disciplinary Matters Discipline
Harassment & Bullying Dignity At Work Policy
Public Interest Disclosure Whistleblowing (Public Interest Disclosure) Policy
Staff Development Professional Development
Pay policy salary scales and salary progression
5.5 Polices & Procedures Relating to Recruitment
Recruitment Human Resources - Recruitment
Vacancies Human Resources - Vacancies
5.6 Code of Conduct for Members of Governing Bodies
Code of Conduct

CUC Higher Education Code of Governance Code

Statement of Primary Responsibilities of the Council

5.7 Equality & Diversity
Equality & Diversity

Human Resources - Equality and Diversity

Student Services Centre -Equality and Diversity
5.8 Health & Safety
Health & Safety

Safety Office

5.9 Estates Management
Estates Management Estates Office
Disposals Policy Estates Office
Estates Strategy & Plan Estates Office
Facilities Management Facilities Management
Environmental Information Sustainability
Ground Maintenance Ground maintenance
5.10 Complaints Policies

Quality Manual - Code of Practice for Student Complaints

Freedom of Information - Complaints
5.11 Records Management & Personal Data Policies
Information Security Information Security
Records Retention



Data Security

Data Protection

5.12 Research Policy & Strategy
Research Policy & Strategy

Research Strategy and Policy

Research Governance

Animals In Research

Quality Assurance


Intellectual Property Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

Research Ethics

Knowledge Transfer & Enterprise Research and Knowledge Priority Groups
Research outputs In line with RCUK's Open Access Policy research materials can be downloaded from the Directory of Open Access Journals.
5.13 Charging Regimes & Policies
Tuition Fees Fee Tables
Other Fees

University Fees

Library Fines

Library fines


Academic Services - Transcripts

Degree Certificates

Degree Certificates

Diploma Supplements Diploma Supplements


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