Publication scheme class two


What we spend and how we spend it

In this section you can find information about the University's management of its financial resources. Much of this is set out in our annual Financial Statement. Please note that information is excluded from this scheme where release could prejudice the University's commercial interests.

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2.1 Funding/Income

Annual Financial Statement

Financial Statements
2.2 Budgetary & Accounts Information

Annual Statement of Accounts

Financial Statements

Top-level expenditure Expenditure exceeding £25,000

Revenue Budgets

Financial Statements

Capital Expenditure Budgets

Financial Statements
2.3 Financial Audit Reports

Financial Audit Reports

Financial Statements

2.4 Capital Programme

Capital Expenditure Plans

Current capital developments

Recent capital developments

2.5 Financial Regulations & Procedures
Financial Regulations Financial_Regulations
2.6 Staff Pay & Grading Structures
Pay & Grading Structures & Expenses

Salary Scales

Administrative, Professional and Managerial Job Family

Technical Services Job Family

Research and Teaching Job family

Operations and Facilities Job Family

Senior roles above Level 6 are on a spot salary on a personal basis above £55,259 set and reviewed by the Vice Chancellor and  remuneration committee

Senior staff expenses

2.7 Register of Suppliers
Register of Suppliers Procurement
2.8 Procurement & Tendering Procedures and Reports
Conditions of Contract

Conditions of Contract

Model Invitation to Tender


Supplier Performance Reports


Tender reports

The University of Nottingham’s Procurement Department place contracts with suppliers who offer the best value for money with high levels of service, quality and delivery.  Whenever possible we contract under collaborative framework agreements, either Government Procurement Service, HE consortium or other Public Sector bodies such as YPO/ESPO.

We also make full use of a number of local collaborative working arrangements and procurement ‘hubs’ such as the SUPC agreements, to ensure we are constantly seeking best value.

The HE Sector, in common with other public sector organisations and government departments, must meet the requirements of EU public procurement directives which ensure open and fair competition. Under these directives, we must advertise all contracts with a value over £173,934 (for supplies and services) or £4,348,350 (for works) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). These adverts enable suppliers to express an interest in the majority of our contracts. 

Suppliers can view a list of current/forthcoming tender opportunities via the following link on our website: here you can register interest in contracts and apply online.

The University of Nottingham has a policy of ensuring companies which tender for contracts meet agreed Equality and Diversity standards.

2.10 Research Funding
Funding Source Financial Statements
Management of Accounts

Funding Systems and Guidance

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