Mean and Medians


Mean and Median pay gap data
Mean pay gap 20.1% 8.5%
Median pay gap 17.7% 2.2%


Our mean gender pay gap has reduced by 0.2% but our median pay gap has increased by 2.9% when compared to our 2020 gap.

Our gender pay gap pay quartiles show that there was a reduction in women in senior roles at the university, and an increase in women in lower-level roles. This was impacted by the voluntary redundancy measures we implemented as part of our institutional response to Covid-19.

As median pay illustrates the midpoint of all salaries, this distribution shift has reduced the median pay figure for women at the University.

Our ethnicity pay gap has reduced both in the mean calculation (-3.2%) and median calculation (-6%). This is due to the reduction in the number of BAME staff employed at the university, while representation in the upper quartile remained stable.