Reducing gender pay gaps

Reducing our pay gaps

Actions taken and planned to reduce the gender and ethnicity pay gap

In August 2022, a review of pay Levels 1-3 took place and increases agreed.

A Senior (Professorial) Pay Banding review was also completed, resulting in an increase in salary for both women and BME staff.

Recruitment processes are being strengthened to actively flag the possible impacts of systemic inequalities and societal discrimination on an individual's career when reviewing applications for promotion.

A People and Culture Strategic Delivery Plan has been developed, highlighting priorities that focus on leadership development, wellbeing, employee engagement, embedding values, performance measurement and reward mechanisms. This strategy will help to further develop our review mechanisms, ensuring better collaboration, clarity and accountability.

The People and Culture Survey will take place in April 2023, giving all staff at the University the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts on their work and environment. The results and analysis will inform an action plan to address any issues identified. This survey will align with key actions in both Athena Swan and Race Equality Charter (REC) action plans.

A project is currently underway to review the effectiveness of the Nottingham Reward Scheme, to ensure it is fairly and consistently applied and valued by staff.

To better understand the changes in our pay gap data, we will ensure that timely analysis will be communicated to faculties/departments. This will help us to understand the real-time impacts of action on an institutional and departmental basis.

Deeper analysis of gender/ethnicity data will take place in the future to identify possible trends.
In line with the People and Culture Strategic Delivery Plan, recruitment of a pay and reward team will take place in 2023, with a stronger focus on both pay and reward.

Ensuring balanced gender and ethnicity distribution across all levels

Athena Swan commitment - The Athena Swan charter encourages and recognises commitment to advancing the careers of women and for trans staff and students in higher education and research. As an Athena Swan silver award holder, we are committed to the delivery of our Athena Swan action plan and continuing our commitment to the Athena Swan principles within our policies, actions plans and working culture.

Race Equality Charter Commitment – The Race Equality Charter is designed to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education. We want our staff to be confident that racial equality is taken seriously and we achieved the Bronze Race Equality Award in 2021.

This gives us a framework in which to identify, explore and consider issues affecting the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff at the university. We are committed to delivering the actions identified in our Race Equality Charter action plan and driving culture and process change institution wide.

We cannot reduce our pay gaps without having a culture which supports a diverse workforce and one where minority groups are included and treated equally. Our values include inclusivity, fairness, openness, ambition and respect and are being embedded within everything we do.

EDI Annual Activity Report - This report summarises all the activities and achievements the University has made, all of which help embed EDI into the university culture.




Last edited Mar 30, 2023