Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Considerations

The wellbeing of our University community is our priority. During the current situation with coronavirus Covid-19, please remain calm and follow the advice and precautions published on the University web pages and associated communications.

Advice for managers - considering equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

Managers are encouraged to consider the impact the current situation may be having on the teams they manage, and in particular any specific EDI related considerations.

To support managers, we have developed the guide: Advice for managers – considering equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), providing practical advice on issues to consider, access to guidance, learning materials and policies.

Supporting your team - remote working

Managers should consider the implications of remote working for their team members, including health and safety, equipment and reasonable adjustments. In some cases, you may find it helpful to complete a risk assessment with your team member.


Employees may have different needs during this period and good open conversations will help managers to establish what those needs are. They will also help managers to establish any areas of concern or anxiety so that support can be provided.

Further information about communicating with employees with disabilities can be found here and guidance on managing teams in a virtual environment can be found in the LMA hub here.

Download the guide: Advice for managers - EDI considerations

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Our HR team is here to support you on a confidential case-by-case basis and can provide specific advice and guidance.


See also our advice for managers - HR processes during COVID-19 pandemic


Mental wellbeing

Listen to employee’s concerns, regularly communicate and signpost employees to resources such as the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - (available via the Employee Hub), which provides free confidential support, over the telephone (0808 168 2143) or on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A Staff Wellbeing Guide is also available.

Reasonable adjustments

Consider what reasonable adjustments may need to be made and seek guidance from the HR Employment Relations Team (email: hrer@nottingham.ac.uk) where required.

Practical considerations

Please consider areas such as: reminding employees about booking and taking annual leave, encourage part-time workers to signpost when they are/aren’t available and remember to check whether employees have internet connection at home.

Look after yourself

Managers are encouraged to also prioritise their own wellbeing and EDI related needs and discuss any of the relevant areas highlighted in the guide with their own manager.

Access our policies and additional resources (including Covid-19 recovery resources)

Below are links to guidance for EDI considerations during the recovery phase of the pandemic:

Here are some quick links to relevant University HR policies including:

Last edited Aug 27, 2021