Referring an Employee

Managers must ensure that they have discussed the reasons for a referral with the employee in advance.

The referral is made on-line, if possible this could be done in the presence of the employee, if not then ensure there is clarity about what information will be provided to OH and what questions will be asked.



Making a Management Referral

Access the online system

If you have not made a referral before, then click the ‘Request Access’ button, the Account Number is 424, please use your University of Nottingham email address.

Once you have sent the request you will receive a log-in password and you can progress to make the referral.

Once you have an account you will only be able to see any referrals that you have made.

The front screen of the OHWorks dashboard gives you options to:

  • Refer an Employee – this takes you through a series of questions.  You cannot save your data so ensure you have all the information that you need ready.
  • Case Statuses – this will show you how your referral is progressing in terms of setting up appointments, seeking further information and conclusion of advice.
  • Documents – you will be able to find here the final OH report.

DSE Workplace Assessments

DSE assessments should initially be completed by self-assessment and reviewed by a DSE assessor.

If it is agreed by the DSE assessor and manager that the risks cannot be minimised and in complex situations or when medical advice is required OH can support the manager and may attend the workplace to make assessments.

Guidance on DSE assessments and the University’s Policy

If you do conclude that a workplace assessment is required please complete an on-line referral (attaching the DSE Assessment) or contact the Safety Office for further advice.



Vaccination/Immunisation Status Referral

Employees may need to attend OH in order to receive vaccination or have their immunisation status confirmed in order to protect them against infection which may arise due to the nature of their work.

An on-line referral process will shortly be in place.  In the meantime, please refer to your Safety Officer.

Employees required to travel overseas on behalf of the University should visit their own GP to obtain vaccinations. Staff may also find useful information on the Business Travel and Expenses Workspace. Costs of such vaccinations will be reimbursed by the University. 

Further information on vaccination/immunisation can also be found on the Safety Office web site.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance may be required for certain groups of workers in relation to specific process hazards on the basis of risk assessment. This may be on an individual basis or organised for groups of workers.

To initiate this process, mangers/authorised persons e.g School/Divisional Safety Office should follow the management referral process (see above).

Further advice on health surveillance requirements is available on Safety Office web site.




Last edited Jun 23, 2017