What is a Designated Working Week?

A Designated Working Week is a week that a fractional worker is required to actually work. All other weeks are referred to as non-working weeks.

The total number of Designated Working Weeks does not include the entitlement to annual leave, Public Holidays and University Closure Days.

There is the requirement from the outset to decide on the Designated Working Weeks, as a pro rata amount of holiday entitlement will be added to the designated working weeks to give the total contract length. This entitlement will be calculated using the fractional calculator.

The contractual hours per week that a fractional worker is required to work during the Designated Working Weeks will depend upon the needs of the School/Department, but must be agreed in advance.

There may be the need for a fractional worker to work fixed hours per week or for hours to be averaged over the year. If the hours are averaged then the manager must ensure that all hours for the year are worked, otherwise this may result in an overpayment or underpayment
Last edited Jan 02, 2018