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Queen's Medical Centre - Athena SWAN Parenting Room


QMC Medical School

Parenting Room - Where is it?

  • University Park Campus Map Ref 46
  • By the link bridge, there is a lobby area by Student Services on the right. Walk to the back wall, turn left. The room is the second door on the left, down the corridor.
  • Room B83a

Washing up facilities

  • There is a sink available in the room

Building access hours

  • 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday inclusive

Room name to make booking in Outlook

  • BR-Parent-B-QMC
  • Remember to register as an Athena SWAN Parenting Room user first by emailing BR-UoN-ParentRm with the subject line "Please add me" (important to ensure your request is picked up). You will then receive access to a shared calendar to enable you to manage your booking, and the digilock code to access the room.
QMC B83a


Last edited Jan 22, 2024