Athena SWAN Parenting Rooms

The Athena SWAN Parenting Rooms provide a private, hygienic, safe and secure area for breastfeeding staff and students to express and store breastmilk or to feed their baby.

Developed in response to staff feedback, the rooms are designated spaces for expressing, or for those who prefer to use a private location for breastfeeding.

The space and facilities

For privacy, the rooms are lockable from the inside. They have a comfortable chair, with plug sockets near to the chair, a small table and a fridge to store milk.

A suitable sink area for washing up expressing equipment has been identified for each room.

Find a list of parenting rooms on campus using AccessAble


Book a room

Step 1: First, register as an Athena SWAN Parenting Room user

Email BR-UoN-ParentRm to register with the subject line "Please add me" (important to ensure your request is picked up). You’ll then receive access to a shared calendar to enable you to manage your booking, and the digilock code to access the room.

Step 2: Book a room on any campus using Outlook.

The room locations, and Outlook addreses for booking, are shown in the campus web pages below:




Help us continue to make improvements to support parents. Please let us know your experiences of expressing or breastfeeding at the University.



Last edited Jan 22, 2024