Maternity Checklist

Maternity Checklist
WhenWhat to doWhy
As soon as you are pregnant

Think about your health and safety.

Read the ‘New and Expectant Mothers at Work Policy’ available from the Safety Office.

Read the Maternity Leave Policy

Contact your Employment Support Services team if you wish to meet.

To understand implications of the pregnancy on your health and safety and so that a risk assessment can be completed.

To be aware of maternity leave entitlements and benefits you may be eligible to.
At least 15 weeks before your baby is due Inform your line manager/HR in writing of your intentions regarding maternity leave by filling in the Maternity Leave Application Form and providing your MATB1 certificate.

Required as medical evidence to apply for Maternity Leave and receive maternity payments. 

To ensure you receive the correct maternity payments during your period of maternity leave.

11 weeks before your baby is due This is the earliest date from which your maternity leave can start and from which maternity pay can be paid.  
During your maternity leave

We encourage you to maintain regular contact with your line manager although you are not obliged to do so.

Consider the use of KIT days.

To keep up-to-date with your team and department work events/activities.
At least eight weeks before the end of your maternity leave period If you wish to return to work before your maternity leave period ends (52 weeks) inform your line manager/HR at least eight weeks before you intend to return. If you fail to provide the required notice, the University is entitled to postpone your return so that eight weeks notice has been given (unless you are returning on the 52 week date). 
Before you intend to return to work

If you wish to apply to return on a different working basis (e.g. job share/reduced hours etc), you will need to contact your line manager and HR as soon as possible.

Rejoin the car parking scheme on return from Maternity Leave, if return is in a new car parking year i.e. September annually.

To allow your manager time to make any necessary practical arrangements.



To ensure you have a valid permit.


Last edited Jan 02, 2018