Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTA)


The Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (PGTA) role is designed to facilitate high quality current postgraduate research (PGR) students with appropriate skills and knowledge in a discipline area to contribute to outstanding teaching at the University of Nottingham.

As well as providing an important contribution to teaching, these roles provide valuable teaching experience to those undertaking the role as well as income for PGR students.

A PGTA holds the status of being both registered as a student and as an employee.

The employment agreement is dependent upon the student registration, and therefore, the PGR will need to remain a registered student at the University of Nottingham throughout the duration of the fixed-term employment and will be expected to abide by the terms and conditions of the employment agreement as well as the academic regulations throughout the duration of each employment agreement.

For more information, please see Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTA's) Guidelines and recruitment process.

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