Casual Workers

Casual Workers

Casual workers are workers at the University who have no regular working pattern and are engaged for a short period of less than 10 months.

Casual workers are issued with a letter of assignment that includes a summary of their terms and conditions rather than a formal contract.

Students can only be engaged for temporary work at the University through Unitemps.


What you need to know

As a casual worker, you’ll need to check and present to your manager your eligibility to work and keep note of the hours you’ve worked.

As a manager, you’ll also need to check your workers eligibility to work and complete a casual worker assignment request form via our Vacancy Manager system so approval can be obtained.

It’s important that a casual worker engagement is never used as a way of giving an individual a “trial”.

If you are a manager and have nobody in mind to fill a casual assignment (or if the temporary worker is a student), Unitemps can help match individuals to your specific requirements.