Guidance for Casual Workers


In order for the Human Resources Department to issue you with a letter of assignment for the casual work offered to you and for Payroll to process your submitted timesheets for any completed work, HR require the following:

Proof of your eligibility to work in the UK documentation

Your manager will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to present your eligibility to work in the UK documentation in order for a copy to be taken. It is important that this takes place as soon as possible as your manager will be unable to submit their request for you to work until this documentation has been seen. 

If you are a casual worker working in the UK on a Tier 4 student visa, in addition to your eligibility to work in the UK documentation, you will also need to provide your line manager with a letter from your place of study confiming your official term-time dates for the current year.

Eligibility to Work for Casual Workers

A completed casual worker registration form

Once your manager has submitted their request for you to work and this has been approved, an email will be sent to you by HR containing a link that will guide you through the casual worker registration process.  Please complete the registration process as soon as possible after receiving the email request. You will be sent a reminder email if the registration details are not received within 7 days. Should you have any concerns regarding this then please contact the relevant individual within the School/Department.

Once you have completed and submitted the Casual Registration Form for the first time, all the information will be saved on your account within the system, with the exception of tax details as this must be re-entered for each new assignment. For each new casual assignment you will be required to simply check and confirm that all the details are correct and that no changes are required.

Please ensure that you supply the University with your correct email address, as all communication from us will be by email.


Letter of Assignment

Once all the above information has been received by HR, your casual worker pay record will be set up, and you will be issued with a ‘Letter of Assignment’ by email. This email will contain the key details of your working arrangements, summary terms and conditions and pension scheme information, as well as your payroll number and assignment number which you will need to be able to complete your timesheets.  It can take up to 10 working days from registration to receive your assignment letter.

You should not typically start working at the University until your letter of assignment has been received. You will need to liaise with your assigned contact within the School/Department in relation to your hours of work and the completion of your time sheets.


In order to receive payment for the casual work you have completed, you will need to submit timesheets on a weekly basis.

Blank timesheet (PAY01)

Your timesheets will require the appropriate signature from your School/Department contact authorising the hours you have worked. Local practices vary in terms of whom authorises a casual worker's pay prior to forwarding the timesheet payment details onto Payroll.  Please consult with your School/Department contact regarding this as Payroll will be unable to accept a timesheet without the correct authorisation.

Completed timesheets must be received by Payroll no later than the 14th of each month for payment on the offical pay date for that month.  Any timesheets received in Payroll after that date will be paid on the official pay date for the following month.

Teaching related roles

For Teaching related roles, your letter of assignment should say what aspects of teaching the assignment includes, for example, teaching delivery, teaching prep, marking/assessment management. Time allowances for these activities are aligned to those provided to other staff within the Faculty and are set out in the Faculty Teaching Norms document available on the Principles for Working with Teaching Affiliates web page.

When returning timesheets, please provide details of activity in ‘Description of work performed’ for example ‘M123 lecture prep, M234 exam marking’.

Induction and Training

You will be taken through an induction process specific for your particular role and work place by your School/Department contact. The induction will include, but is not limited to, a tour of the workplace facilities and health and safety procedures.

You will be provided with adequate training for the tasks you have been engaged to complete, where necessary and appropriate. Training will normally take place on the first day of the assignment.

Eligibility to work in the UK

We recognise that certain visa restrictions apply to some casual workers.

It is the casual workers responsibility to ensure that they keep to the terms of their visa.

Eligibility to Worker for Casual Workers

Hours of Work

Your hours of work will be arranged by the assigned contact within the School/Department. These are likely to vary throughout the duration of your assignment as this will depend on the requirements of the School/Department. You are advised to keep a record of your hours worked to assist you in completing your timesheet accurately.

Timesheets should be submitted to Payroll on a weekly basis.

Rate of Pay

Your rate of pay will be quoted on the letter of assignment. This will have been pre-agreed within the School/Department, in alignment with the University's salary scales. Should you have any queries regarding this, please speak to your contact within the relevant School/Department.

Pay Dates

Pay day for all staff is the penultimate working day of each month. The specific pay dates and deadlines for each month are available on the Payroll web pages.

Timesheets must be completed and arrive with Payroll no later than the 14th of each month in order to meet the payment deadline. Any timesheets received in Payroll after that date will be paid the following month.

If no timesheet claim forms are submitted until the very end of an assignment there is a real risk that the record may have been closed. All outstanding time sheets should be submitted at the latest; within two months of the projected end date of the assignment (project end date is indicated on the letter of assignment).

Extension of an Assignment

On occasion, and by mutual agreement, casual worker assignments may be extended in order for a piece of work to be completed. The contact within the School/Department will be required to submit an extension request in advance of the original projected end date as this will require approval by the budget holder, before HR and Payroll are able to implement this change. A casual worker assignment should typically not last more than 10 months.


Your assignment will automatically terminate when you have completed the tasks for which you have been engaged to do. The University has no obligation to offer any other work or assignments in the future. Both parties are able to terminate the casual working arrangement at any time during the assignment period upon giving one week's notice.

Rights of a Casual Worker

You will receive a Terms and Conditions document covering all aspects of the working arrangements including, but not limited to, confidentiality, health and safety and pension provision will be emailed to all casual workers along with the letter of assignment.

Important: all requests to hire students as casual workers should come through UniTemps.

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