Guidance for Managers

Important: Casual worker requests should be submitted and approved before any work is carried out.

All requests to hire students as casual workers must go through Unitemps

In order for the Human Resources Department to issue the casual worker with a letter of assignment and to enable Payroll to process payments (by the submission of timesheets) for any completed work, HR require the following:

Principles for Working with Teaching Affiliates

Following longstanding independent and collaborative exploration of the support currently offered to Teaching Affiliates, on behalf of the University, Human Resources and colleagues representing each Faculty, together with UCU Branch representatives, have agreed a shared commitment to ensure fair pay and conditions through a new set of Principles for Working with Teaching Affiliates that will apply to both current and new engagements with effect from 23 September 2019.

Principles for Working with Teaching Affiliates - Joint Statement

Principles for Working with Teaching Affiliates

Faculty Teaching Norms

Casual worker assignment request form

You are required to complete and submit a casual worker assignment request form via the Vacancy Manager system. You are able to log into the Vacancy Manager system by using the following link:

and by entering your University username and password. You will not be able to submit the request form without attaching the casual worker's eligibility to work in the UK documentation. For further information please see the Eligibility to Work for Casual Workers section.

All User Guides relating to the use of Vacancy Manager for casual worker requests/extension/change to project code are available at the following link:

User Guides

When completing the casual request form it is important for you to select the correct ‘Budget holder’ from the drop down of names presented. The ‘Budget holder’ selected should be the most appropriate individual from within the School/Department who is responsible for approving the budget spend against the request. If the name of the budget holder that you wish to select is not available within the drop down selection, then please contact your Head of School/Department, as their authorisation is required before HR are able to add the new budget holder.

The approval chain workflow for casual worker requests is as follows:

  1. Initiator submits casual worker request form.
  2. Approval is sought from Head of School/Department/appropriate designated budget holder.
  3. Approval is sought from Finance (University funded project codes only) Level 1.
  4. Casual worker request is then forwarded to the HR Employment Support Services Team to action.

Eligibility to work in the UK documentation for the casual worker

A Right to Work Check must be completed for all casual workers before they commence work with the University.  This applies to all candidates of all nationalities, including British nationals.

A Right to Work Checklist must be completed for all casual workers. HR will not be able to issue a casual work assignment until a Right to Work Checklist and appropriate documents have been verified.

A copy of the Right to Work Checklist and copies of eligibility to work in the UK documentation must be uploaded to the casual worker assignment request form prior to submission.

All copies of eligibility to work in the UK documentation should be destroyed once the casual worker request form has been submitted and you have received an email to confirm this.

Eligibility to Work for Casual Workers

Tier 4 Student Visa Holders

Casual Worker Rates of Pay

In the majority of cases, casual workers are engaged in work that can be linked to similar role requirements in an already established role. In these circumstances, the requesting manager should indicate a similar payment based on the University's salary scales. If you are unsure about the rate of pay to be made for different types of work, then please contact the HR Employment Support Services Team for further information, tel: 0115 7484800 or email:

The Casual Worker request form requires the entry of either an hourly or daily rate of pay for each casual worker this must concur with the University's salary scales.

Rates of pay for casual staff can be found on the casual workers scales tab on the salary scales spreadsheet.

On both the casual worker request form and the claim for work timesheet, please ensure that it is only the hourly/day rate quoted, excluding any holiday pay (holiday pay will be calculated by Payroll at 12.07% for each hour worked). For further information regarding holiday pay for casual workers please contact Payroll Services, tel: 0115 95 15648 or email:

All casual worker rates of pay and hours worked for the payment must adhere to the National Minimum Wage.

Teaching Related Roles

Staff supervising casual workers involved in teaching should be aware of the University's Principles for Working with Teaching Affiliates. Time allowances for these activities are set out in the Faculty Teaching Norms documents available on the Principles for Working with Teaching Affiliates page.

Payments to Students

You will find further information about payments to students on our Recruitment Workspace pages.

Casual Registration Form

It is only after the casual worker request form has been completed and submitted by the manager and authorised (by those within the approval chain mentioned above) that the casual worker will be sent an email requesting for them to complete their registration details.

Guidance is provided to the casual worker on how to complete the registration process, this is followed by a reminder email should the registration details not be returned to HR within 7 days of the first request.

For further information regarding the casual worker process and the automatic email notifications received by the initiator of a request within this process, please see the User Guides on Workspace.

Upon receipt of the casual worker registration form, the HR Employment Support Services team will issue the casual worker with their letter of assignment.

When should the Casual Worker start working?

The casual worker should not typically start work before the casual worker request has been authorised and the letter of assignment issued.

You will need to agree with the casual worker the details surrounding their first day of work.  The casual worker should submit their timesheet claim forms to you for the work undertaken on a weekly basis for authorisation. The timesheets will then need to be forwarded to Payroll.

Authorisation of Timesheets

You will need to check and authorise the weekly timesheets submitted by the casual worker and forward onto Payroll before the 14th of each month. It is important that you maintain a record of the hours that you authorise for the casual worker to ensure that this does not exceed the total hours authorised within your original request form.

The timesheet should specify the same hourly or daily pay rate and project code details as those placed on the original, authorised casual worker request form. If the casual worker is involved in a number of assignments simultaneously, then the hours worked for each assignment should be claimed on different timesheets.

The final timesheet should be submitted within two months after the projected end date of the casual worker's engagement. If a final claim is not made within this timeframe then there is a real risk that the record may have been closed.

Timesheets (PAY01)

Extension Requests

If an extension to a casual worker assignment is appropriate, then a request will need to be submitted via Vacancy Manager (please see the User Guides for more information) in advance of the projected end date.

In order to complete the form you will require the following: Details of the original casual worker request ID - this will start with the prefix CRF, the end date of the extension period (a typical casual worker assignment should not last more than 10 months in duration), and the total hours for the period of the extension and the project code details.

Assignment Change of Project Code

If the project code originally assigned to the costs associated with a casual worker is changing within the duration of their assignment you will need to inform HR by completing and submitting an ‘Assignment change of project code’ form within Vacancy Manager.


A casual worker engagement can be terminated at any time upon one week's notice in writing, or if one or both parties wish to end the engagement. If a casual worker assignment is due to finish prior to the original projected end date then please contact HR by email at so that the record for the casual worker can be closed.

Key Performance Measures

The HR Employment Support Services Team work to the following performane measures:

Key Performance Measures
Invitation to complete Casual Registration Form Issued 3 working days from receipt of an authorised Casual Request Form
Letter of Assignment Issued 10 working days from receipt of a completed Casual Worker Registration Form


See our current performance against these measures

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