Sustainable transport

With a UK staff and student community of over 40,000 and campuses in Malaysia and China, the University generates a significant demand for travel. 

We actively encourage staff and students to use greener transport options and offer a range of green solutions:

  • investment in cycling infrastructure
  • extended hopper bus services
  • discounted bus travel for staff
  • opportunity to hire/buy cycles through payroll
  • carshare scheme
  • improved video conferencing facilities


We regularly review our travel plan through surveys, aimed at finding out more about staff travel patterns and choices

Discounted staff travel 

The travel pass scheme offers the opportunity to purchase travel passes through Payroll - many at discounted rates - while the cost is taken directly from your salary over 12 months.

Operators taking part are:

  • Nottingham City Transport
  • Trent Barton
  • East Midlands Railway
  • NET Trams
  • Robin Hood (multi-operator pass, formerly Kangaroo)

For more detail on all of the above, see the Sustainability web page.

Hopper bus

We are one of the few universities offering a free hopper bus service to and from University Park, Jubilee Campus and King's Meadow Campus and also between University Park and Sutton Bonnington Campuses, running throughout most of the year, with a more limited service outside of term-time. 

More information, including timetables, can be accessed from the Bus Services webpage.

Car share scheme


We've teamed up with the UK's largest car sharing network to provide a car share scheme for our staff. Car sharing can provide an easy way to cut your commuting costs and reduce your carbon footprint - and you don't have to do it every day. For more, see the Car sharing webpage.

Parking permits

All our campuses have car parking facilities - details can be found on the Estates Office webpage.