Discounted staff travel

The travel pass scheme offers University staff the opportunity to purchase travel passes through salary deductions – many at discounted rates. By signing up, the monthly cost is taken directly from the employee’s net salary for 12 months.

To take advantage of these prices, just complete the application form for the relevant transport operator and email or post it to Pension & Benefits Services at King’s Meadow Campus.

All travel passes start on the 1st of the month. Application forms must be received by the 14th of the month prior to the month you wish the travel pass to commence i.e. to obtain a travel pass for October applications must be submitted by 14th September. (In December, the deadline for submitting application forms is 7th December due to the early pay day.)

At the end of the twelve months, you will need to re-apply to the scheme to arrange a new travel pass.

If you have any queries regarding any of the schemes, contact the Benefits Team.

Download the Scheme FAQs

Tram on Science Road, University Park campus 



Nottingham City Transport (NCT)

The deals available to University staff include:

  • Easyrider Everyday annual pass - £636.00 per year
  • Easyrider Anyday 100 days - £342.36 per year
  • Easyrider Anyday 150 days - £481.68 per year
  • Easyrider Everyday Further annual pass - £948.00 per year
  • Easyrider Anyday Further 100 days - £503.88
  • Easyider Andyday Further 150 days - £708.60

The Easyrider Everyday pass provides 365 consecutive days of travel on NCT buses. If you travel by bus less frequently, the Easyrider Anyday pass may be more suitable as the days can be used on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

With Easyrider Further passes (Everyday or Anyday), you can travel beyond the NCT city area, for example to Southwell, Woodborough or Loughborough.

The passes can be used on NCT buses only - they are not valid on the tram. 

View NCT routes and timetables

Download NCT application form

Trent Barton

The Super Commuter deals available to University staff are:

  • Saver annual pass - from £55.83 per month
  • MANGO credit - from £12.50

The Saver pass provides 365 consecutive days of travel on Trent Barton buses. The passes are available for a variety of fare zones including Derby, Nottingham city and Trent Barton’s entire network (see zone map for further details). 

If you travel by bus less frequently, MANGO may be more suitable as credit is pre-loaded onto the MANGO app to be used on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. MANGO gives 10% off the single cash fare of every journey you make, at any time, on Trent Barton buses. Purchasing MANGO credit through salary deduction gives you the benefit of paying in monthly instalments, but without the inconvenience of needing to keep topping-up. 

View Trent Barton routes and timetables

Download Trent Barton application form



NET tram

The tram2work deals available to University staff are:

  • Annual adult pass - £47.92 per month
  • Annual student pass - £31.25 per month
  • T2W 3 month pass - £63.33 per month
  • T2W 6 month pass - £58.33 per month

The annual pass provides 365 consecutive days of  unlimited tram travel across the entire tram network (including the new lines to Clifton and Toton). It also allows you to park at the seven park and ride sites situated along the tram routes.

If you travel by tram less frequently, the Robin Hood Pay As You Go card (not currently available through the travel pass scheme) may be more suitable, or the Day and Week tickets.

View NET routes and timetables

Download NET application form

Robin Hood (formerly Kangaroo)

The Robin Hood season card, previously known as a Kangaroo card, is designed for regular travellers who switch from one transport operator to another to complete their journey. 

  • Annual adult pass - £69.17 per month
  • Annual student pass - £42.50 per month 
  • Flexible Days Card (20 days) - £8.75 per month
  • Flexible Days Card (50 days) - £19.17 per month

If you need to connect from the bus to a tram or train, or travel with different bus companies more than three times per week then this might be the best ticket for you. It allows unlimited travel on all bus, rail and tram operators within the Robin Hood boundary, which covers Greater Nottingham and includes the tram to Hucknall.


Download Robin Hood application form



East Midlands Rail

East Midlands Rail are offering staff annual season tickets with 5% or 10% off many routes.

Annual season tickets are already more cost-effective than weekly season tickets, as you’re only charged for 40 weeks rather than 52, but many routes have a further discount. Where the discount applies, new applications receive 10% discount and renewals receive 5% discount - see price grid for details. If your journey is not listed in the price grid, please call East Midlands Rail for a price on 03457 125678 (8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday).

The season ticket allows you to travel on the route selected at any time and any day of the week.

Please be aware that you will need an East Midlands Rail photocard to apply for and validate your season ticket. If you do not already have one, a photocard can be obtained by taking a passport photo to the ticket office at any train station.

EMA price matrix for 2024

Download East Midlands Rail application form



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