Electric vehicles

EV charging facilities for UoN employees, students and visitors

In 2023 the University invested in the installation of new electric vehicle (EV) charge points, improving the availability across all our campuses. 

From 1 March 2024 EV drivers will be charged to use any campus EV charge points. At the same time, restrictions around the use of the campus EV points will be updated, as outlined below.

What will it cost?

It will cost 44p per kWh to use the charge points. This has been benchmarked against charge points in other public sector managed car parks in the Nottingham area and will be regularly reviewed to ensure it remains appropriate.

Where are the charge points?

The following charge points are available to UoN car park users:

  • University Park - in the Main Visitor Car Park (10 points)
  • University Park - on Beeston Lane near David Ross Sports Village (2 points)
  • Medical School car park (2 points)
  • Sutton Bonington Campus - in Car Park 4, opposite the Bioenergy and Brewery Science (BABS) building (6 points)
  • Sutton Bonington Campus - in the visitor car park in front of the Main Building (2 points)
  • Jubilee Campus - opposite Business School South (2 points)
  • Jubilee Campus - in the UNIP car park (6 points)
  • King’s Meadow campus – in the short stay staff parking area, near the entrance to KMC (2 points)

Please note these are Type 2 charge points, which are a combination of 7.4kW fully rated and load balanced charge points.


What restrictions are in place?

All these charge points will be available to use 24hours per day, 7 days per week.

During core hours of 9.15am to 4pm Monday-Friday, the maximum vehicle charging time is 4hours and then you must move your vehicle to a normal parking space so others can use the charge point.

Please note that UoN permit holders can use the UNIP EV charge points but only when charging their vehicle (subject to the terms of use set out here). UoN permit holders cannot park in the UNIP car park.

During the core hours of 9.15am – 4pm Monday – Friday, EV charge point users will need a valid University parking permit, or be a visitor who has paid to park via RingGo or has a Pay and Display ticket.

How do I use the charge points?

To use the new charge points, users will need to download the Mer Connect App and register as a user. You can download the Mer Connect app from Google Play or the App Store. Payments are collected via your app-based Mer account, you cannot pay at the charge point using a contactless bank card.

Click here for more for information on setting up your Mer account

You can only see the UoN charge points on Mer’s charge point maps if you have registered and logged into your account as the points are set up as ‘restricted access’.

No additional verification is required to use the Mer charge points so they can be used by all UoN car park users, subject to the terms of use of UoN car parks and the University’s traffic regulations. 

For any issues with setting up your Mer account please contact Mer directly at / 02038 842 768. The Mer 24/7 support number is provided on the side of all Mer charge points.

EV charging facilities for UoN fleet vehicles

All other charging points on campus will be for Fleet Vehicles only (UoN Fleet, School Fleet, Estates and Facilities Fleet). This restriction will apply at all times.

This includes the Mer charge points outside UP East Hub in Life Sciences – these charge points have now been deactivated for general use and can only be used by fleet vehicles charging via a UoN charging fob.

Enforcement of the campus EV charging facilities

Misuse of the EV charge point bays will be subject to enforcement by UoN Security. The following constitutes as misuse:

  • Parking in an EV charging point space if you are not plugged in and charging your vehicle – this applies to electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and non-EV vehicles
  • Overstaying the maximum charge time of 4 hours during core hours of 9.15am and 4pm Monday-Friday
  • Non-fleet vehicles using a charging point or parking in space which is signed as being for School Vehicles / University Fleet Vehicles / Estates Fleet vehicles only.

During the core hours of 9.15am – 4pm Monday – Friday, EV charge point users will need a valid University parking permit, or be a visitor who has paid to park via RingGo or has a Pay and Display ticket.

EV charge point spaces are subject to the UoN traffic regulations and enforcement action will be in line with these traffic regulations.


Did you know?

The University of Nottingham has partnered with Tusker, the UK’s leading salary sacrifice car provider, to offer employees the opportunity to access a range of electronic and ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) in line with sustainability goals. Find out more through the Employee Hub.

Green fleet

The University fleet currently has 26 fully electric vehicles (EV), these vehicles are used by UoN Schools and UoN Estates and Catering teams on a daily basis.

Going forward we will be looking to expand our EV fleet where they fully meet the Univeristy's requirements for fleet vehicles.

Not only do they reduce exhaust emissions, resulting in cleaner air locally, they are also very quiet, contributing to a tranquil atmosphere on campus.

 Electric van used by University Estates and Catering staff



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