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The Security Administration Office is open. 

To remain Covid-secure, we will be operating in a reduced capacity. Whenever possible, please direct your queries by email and make payments online. Only visit the Security Office in person if it is necessary.

Parking permits for the 2021-22 permit year will be open for  Staff, Associates and Contractors applications from 12 July. Links on how to apply can be found on this page. Please note that charges are being reintroduced for this permit year.



To meet our obligations under the city’s Workplace Parking Levy (WPL), car parking enforcement has recommenced as of Monday 12 April. However, car parking will continue to remain free of charge for university staff and students who meet our criteria for eligibility during this period. 

To park without charge on campus, all staff or students need to do is display a valid car parking permit, voucher or pay and display ticket between the hours of 9:15am to 4:00pm on weekdays.

  • Staff or students can display their current parking permit or a voucher permit, but please do not scratch off the voucher until the reintroduction of charging.
  • Staff who wish to park on campus and do not currently have a permit can be issued with a temporary voucher from any Gatehouse across our campuses, between 8am and 4pm weekdays.
  • Students who wish to park on campus and do not currently have a permit may apply for one via the parking team on
  • Pay and display machines will be in use for visitors and a 30-minute free ticket is available for those who need to pay a short visit to campus for example to collect equipment or take a Covid-19 test.

Security staff will be enforcing the traffic regulations from 12 April and anyone parking without a valid permit or pay and display ticket may be subject to a Parking Charge Notice.

More information can be found at




Recognising that colleagues will have differing campus return dates and to reflect more flexible patterns of working on-campus and home-working, we are introducing greater flexibility in how you can pay to park on campus for the 2020/21 permit year.

  • Full Permits: full annual permits will still be available payable from 1 September 2020. Alternatively, staff or students will now be able to apply for a parking permit at any point in the year and only pay for the months remaining in the permit year. For example, if you apply in December, you only pay nice months of charges.
  • Occasional Use Vouchers: should you wish to use occasional use vouchers to park on campus for a few days each week, for example to accommodate flexible working or until public transport is fully restored, the cost of any unused vouchers will be refunded once you revert to your usual mode of transport. If you wish to upgrade to a full parking permit, the cost of it will be reduced to account for the amount you have already spent on vouchers.

Students are entitled to full permits only. Staff are entitled to full permits or occasional user vouchers.

For any members of staff typically needing to park on campus for fewer than four days each week, the occasional use voucher scheme offers the more cost-effective solution. These can be ordered through the online permit system, by selecting 'Occasional Driver' under the Driver Scheme.

Student car parking application process

You will be able to apply for a parking permit in September, once your student record contains your confirmed term-time address. You will not be able to apply before this. You should not go to the Security office unless we ask you to come to see us. All correspondence should be by email or telephone. Once we have approved your application, we will contact you to arrange payment and issue of your permit.

To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible please upload any supporting documentation you feel will assist us in making a decision on your permit.

You will not be allowed to bring a vehicle on campus until you application for a permit has been approved.

University car parking approved scheme, charges, guidance and enforcement

Documentation is available for your information via the links below in PDF format.

Parking enforcement is carried out and managed by University of Nottingham in-house Security staff.

How about alternatives to driving to campus?

The University actively promotes low-carbon, healthy transport options through a range of initiatives, including: 



Car registration plate showing carshareIf driving to campus is the only realistic option, then you may like to consider sharing your journey with others. It's an easy way to do your bit to reduce congestion and improve air quality, and the University has a car share scheme specifically to help staff find others making a similar journey.


Permit applications

There are a variety of permit applications available, as summarised below. Parking permits are issued by the Security office, located at the rear of the Hallward Library, University Park to all applicants who meet the eligibility criteria. You can choose between a full permit or a permit with vouchers. Both options are vehicle specific. 

Electric vehicle charging

Staff and visitors can recharge electric vehicles on campus free of charge for up to three hours between 8am and 4pm. Users are required to have a pay and display ticket or a valid University parking permit.

View list of charge point locations

Visitor parking and charges

Parking permits/vouchers or pay and display tickets are required to be displayed on vehicles on University campuses between 9.15am and 4pm week days. Entrance Gatehouses and Security receptions will provide information and issue pre-arranged visitor vouchers on arrival. 
All of our campuses have pay and display parking locations. For more information please click onto the relevant map link below. Please note that pay and display areas are signified by a 'PD' symbol. 

Visitor parking charges apply on our general visitor car parks and tickets must be displayed at all times

  • Up to 30 minutes (free)
  • 2 hours (£5.00)
  • 4 hours (£7.00)
  • All day (£10.00)
University Park Sports Centre allows free parking for up to two hours and free parking Wednesday afternoon. Visitors are advised to read the parking rules and conditions displayed on signs on campuses. 

Visitor parking can also be organised via day vouchers or as part of an organised event as detailed below.

Day vouchers

Day vouchers can be purchased in books of 25, authorised by schools and departments to allow free parking on University campuses. Schools or departments need to complete the form below to apply. 

Event parking

If an event is being arranged by a school or department which may require parking and for which normal visitor pay and display or the use of day vouchers is not felt to be appropriate or practical then the school or department can contact the Security parking team to discuss. 

Authorised free parking for such events will normally be restricted to the orange zone areas of the campuses with Security providing vouchers and directions to the approved parking areas on the day.


How to contact us

8am to 4pm weekdays

  • Security office, rear of Hallward Library, telephone: 0115 951 3557 (extension 13557)
  • Email us at

Outside of hours

  • Security Control, Trent Building, telephone: 0115 951 3013 (extension 13013)


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