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Car parking

Parking permits are issued by the Security office, located at the rear of the Hallward Library, University Park to all applicants who meet the eligibility criteria.

Please see the below headers for parking information for staff, students, contractors and visitors.

Staff or students applying for a permit can access the university's permit system here.

Applications forms for associates, contractors and day vouchers can be found below. 

From 01/09/22 - all full annual permits will be virtual. Full permit holders will not need to display a physical permit when parked on campus. 

Permit Applications

Staff and Associates can choose between a full permit or a permit with vouchers. Students, residents and contractors can apply for a full permit only (terms apply). All permits and vouchers are vehicle specific. 

From September 2022, all full annual permits will be virtual and no physical permit is required. Occasional Driver vouchers will still remain paper-based. 

Alternative information:

 Voucher and permit swaps

Pay and Park for Visitors

Payment options

RingGo cashless parking or pay & display tickets are required for visitors when parking on university campuses between 9.15am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Visitor parking can also be organised via day vouchers or as part of an organised event.

Entrance Gatehouses and Security receptions will provide information and can issue pre-arranged visitor vouchers on arrival. 

Please note that students are not eligible to use our pay and park facilities and can only park on our campuses with permits.

RingGo and pay & display pricing is as follows: 

  •   Up to 30 minutes (free)
  •   2 hours (£5)
  •   4 hours (£7)
  •   All day (£10)

A 20p charge will be added on RingGo for SMS notifications. You can opt out of this charge when making your booking.

Visitor car park locations

All of our campuses have 'pay and park' parking locations. For more information please click onto the relevant map link below. Please note that pay and park areas are signified by a PD symbol. 

Sports centre parking

David Ross Sports Village allows free parking for up to two hours and free parking on Wednesday afternoons. Visitors are advised to read the parking rules and conditions displayed on signs on campuses. 


Day Vouchers

Day vouchers can be purchased in books of 25, authorised by schools and departments to allow free parking on university campuses.

Schools or departments need to complete the form below to apply. 


Event Parking

If an event is being arranged by a school or department which may require parking and for which normal visitor pay and park or the use of day vouchers is not felt to be appropriate or practical then the school or department can contact the Security parking team to discuss. 

Authorised free parking for such events will normally be restricted to the orange zone areas of the campuses with Security providing vouchers and directions to the approved parking areas on the day. 


Parking Charge Notice 


If you have received a Parking Charge Notice and would like to submit an appeal, please follow the appeals process listed towards the lower half of the ticket. Please do not contact Security as we can no longer cancel tickets.  

If your appeal is rejected, you will be required to pay a £45 charge for the Notice (the option to pay the reduced £25 fee will no longer be available).  

Reduced payment within 24 hours

If you would like to make the £25 payment within 24 hours of receiving the ticket, please call us:   

  •   0115 95 13557 (internal 13557), Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm  
  •   For out of hours calls, please use the following number: 0115 95 13013 (internal 13013)

Once you have completed your payment, your ticket will be marked as paid in the First Parking database.  


University Car Parking Approved Scheme – Charges, Guidance and Enforcement


Alternatives to Driving to Campus

The university actively promotes low-carbon, healthy transport options through a range of initiatives, including: 

 If driving to campus is the only realistic option, then you may like to consider sharing your journey with others. It's an easy way to do your bit to reduce congestion and improve air quality. The university has a car share scheme specifically to help staff find others making a similar journey.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Staff and visitors can recharge electric vehicles on campus free of charge for up to three hours between 8am and 4pm.

Users are required to have a pay and display ticket or a valid university parking permit.

View list of charge point locations


How to contact us

8am-4pm, Monday to Friday

  • Security office, rear of Hallward Library, University Park
  • Telephone: 0115 95 13557 (extension 13557)
  • Email us at

Out of Hours

  • Security Control, Trent Building, telephone: 0115 95 13013 (extension 13013)



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