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Student parking

 Student parking permit eligibility criteria

From September 2022, all full annual permits will be virtual and no physical permit is required. 

Students who live in halls of residence or have a term time address within a radius of 15 miles of University Park will not be eligible for a permit unless another area of the criteria is met. 

All students at Sutton Bonington Campus autoamtically qualify for a permit.

If you are applying for a permit on medical grounds, please speak with the Disability Support Services, as they will support you with your application. You can find their contact information here

Concessionary permits are subject to strict criteria, please refer to our traffic regulations (section 3.g - i). 

Students will be issued with ORANGE ZONE parking permits. It is important to note that students will only be permitted to park in the Orange Zone areas illustrated in the maps below. 
 Orange Zone parking area maps
 Applying for your permit online

Student car parking application process

Please apply for your parking permit online as soon as possible. You should not go to the Security office unless we ask you to come to see us.

All correspondence should be by email or telephone. Once we have approved your application, we will contact you to arrange payment and issue of your permit.

To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible please upload any supporting documentation you feel will assist us in making a decision on your permit.

You will not be allowed to bring a vehicle on campus until you application for a permit has been approved

You can apply for your permit online by clicking onto the link below.

You will need to enter your University username and password which will be available to you once you have completed online registration (three weeks before your course start date). If you do not know this information then please contact the IT Service Desk

BEFORE YOU APPLY all students will need to obtain a licence code to generate a Licence Summary document from the DVLA website. This document will replace the old style paper counterpart driving licence.

Please see the following document for guidance (How to redeem a licence code)

You can find out how to swap your permit to a new vehicle here

You can find out the pricing for student permits here. All students fall under 'Staff Level 1'. 'Sutton Bonington only' permits are 50% the cost of a full student permit. 


Virtual Permits

From 01/09/2022, all student permits will be virtual. You will not need to display a physical permit when parked on campus. 

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