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Associate parking

Associate parking permits or vouchers are for all other individuals who are not categorised as 'staff' and are authorised to receive parking permits (or vouchers). 

From September 2022, all full annual permits will be virtual and no physical permit is required.

Occasional User vouchers are still paper based. A permit matching your voucher serial number & vehicle registration must also be on display  - otherwise the voucher is not valid.  

Information relating to setting up Associate accounts can be found here

Pricing for Associate permits & vouchers can be found here.

If you are currently a student at University of Nottingham, you will not qualify for an associate permit or vouchers, you must instead apply for a student orange zone permit. Further information can be found here

Students do not qualify for Associate permits.
 Applying for your permit or vouchers

To apply for an associate parking permit you can complete one of our manual application forms below.

These can be returned by email to or returned by post to the Security Office, the University of Nottingham, rear of the Hallward Library, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD.

Please note - forms that are not signed by an authorised manager will not be processed. 

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