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The Department of Classics and Archaeology share weekly seminars which cover both disciplines. 

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Research seminars


Classics and Archaeology Seminar

Tuesday 22 October 2019
Humanities A02, University Park
'Argonauts of the Aegean Chalcolithic: Crete and the development of long-distance maritime trade networks in the East Mediterranean during the late fifth and early fourth millennia BC', Peter Tomkins (Nottingham)

Classics and Archaeology Seminar

Tuesday 29 October 2019
Humanities A02, University Park
'Sappho's Homer', Adrian Kelly (Oxford)

Classics and Archaeology Seminar

Tuesday 12 November 2019
Humanities A02, University Park
'Helen's eidolon in the poetry and prose of Laura Riding', Elena Theodorakopoulos (Birmingham)

Classics and Archaeology Seminar

Tuesday 10 December 2019
Humanities A02, University Park
'Herodotus' most-Homeric Histories', Jan Haywood (Open University)

Classics and Archaeology Seminar

Tuesday 26 November 2019
Humanities A02, University Park
'Discovering Classical Greece: ancient and early modern travellers in the Aegean', Michael Loy (BSA)

Classics and Archaeology Seminar

Tuesday 3 December 2019
Humanities A02, University Park
'Knole Revealed: archaeology and discovery at a great country house', Nathalie Cohen (National Trust)

Classics and Archaeology Seminar

Tuesday 19 November 2019
Humanities A02, University Park
'Where did the Vikings get their silver? New Results from Chemical and Isotope Analysis', Stephen Merkel (Oxford)

Medieval Postgraduate Research Seminar

Thursday 24 October 2019
Humanities C53, University Park
Meet and greet session, open to everyone interested in medieval studies from across the Faculty.

Medieval postgraduate research seminar

Medieval postgraduate research seminar
Thursday 21 November 2019
Humanities C53, University Park
This month's talk is 'Of Skalla-Grímr and Social Networks' with Cassidy Croci. Refreshments provided.

Medieval Postgraduate Research Seminar

Thursday 12 December 2019
Humanities C53, University Park
This month's talk is 'Medieval Heritage in the Age of Instagram' with Esther Lewis. Refreshments provided.
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Past Seminars


Classics and Archaeology seminars


Spring 2019

 Date Title Speaker

29  Jan

Virgil's Dionysus

Fiachra Mac Góráin (UCL)

5   Feb

'Washington Togatus: Theatrical Representations of the Ancient World and the Creation of American National Identitiy in the Early Republic'

Mistress of the Fantastic: Hybridity of the Potnia Theron in Greek art 10th-6th Century BC

Gary Fisher, graduate student

Thea Wolff, graduate student

12  Feb

Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies Annual Lecture:

What's New in Ancient Sparta: Some Archaeological and Epigraphic Reflections on the Spartan Way of Death

Paul Cartledge (Cambridge)

Paul Christesen (Dartmouth)

19 Feb

The Greek Presence in Brecht's 'Small Organon for the Theatre'

Martin Revermann (Toronto)

26 Feb

Warfare and the Greek Economy

Edward Harris (Durham)

27 Feb

Why do cremated (subadult) remains matter? A biocultural study of the funerary treatment of children in early medieval northwest Europe

Kirsty Squires (Staffordshire)

5 Mar

Italy Imagined and invented: Histories from Lycophron to the Elder Cato

David Potter (Michigan)

6 Mar

Cesspits as an archaeological artefact

Don O'Meara (Historic England)

12 Mar

Oppian Halieutica 5 - or, How to Catch a Monster

Emily Kneebone

19 Mar

Satire and Polis in Lucian's 'Timon' or 'The Misanthrope'

Aneurin Ellis-Evans (Oxford)

20 Mar

Why do created remains matter? A biocultural study of the funerary treatment of children in early medieval northwest Europe.

Kirsty Squires (Staffordshire)

26 Mar

Classical Association (CA) lecture:

Pre-Roman and early Roman Hispania: Crossroad of Languages and Cultures

Noemi Moncunill-Marti

2 Apr

The Vita Taciti and the transmission of the Historia Augusta

George Woudhuysen

9 Apr

Figuring Classical Heroism: African American Uses of Antiquity in the Fight for Emancipation and Social Justice

Margaret Malamud (New Mexico State)

15 May

Memory, power, and a complication to military, urban and rural settlement distinctions: recent discoveries in East Kent

Lacey Wallace (Lincoln)

26 Jun

Classical Association (CA) lecture:

The Roman army on the north-western frontier: excavating a Jupiter sanctuary at Maryport


Ian Haynes (Newcastle)


Autumn 2018

 Date Title Speaker

2 Oct

Intertextuality in Archaic Greek Epigram

Oliver Thomas

3 Oct

Local Museums in a Global Context

Rosalie Hans

9 Oct

The Politics of Greece's Theatrical Revolution,ca. 500-ca. 300 BCE

Peter Wilson

10 Oct

Just measuring pain? Landscapes of production and punishment at an Australian convict station

Martin Gibbs and Richard Tuffin

16 Oct

From Gladiators to Gladiator: Twenty Years of Teaching Classics at the University of Nottingham

Carl Buckland

17 Oct

Valuing and protecting the heritage of the night sky

Daniel Brown

23 Oct

Classical Association (CA) lecture

Identities in the Roman World: Discrepancy, Heterogeneity,  Hybridity and Plurality

David Mattingly

30 Oct

Maenads and Minds: Using Cognitive Approaches to Explore Maenadic Ritual

'I Solemnly Swear that I am up to no Good': Conspiracies and Oath - Swearing in Late Antiquity

Vivienne McGlashan


Michael Wuk

13 Nov

The End of Roman Spain

Graham Barrett

20 Nov

Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies (CSPS) lecture:

Sparta's Spectacular Austerity

Ellen Millender


27 Nov

From Invisible Man to Incurable God: The Caesar of Horace's Triumviral Poetry

Bobby Xinyue

28 Nov

The Past in the Ploughsoil: using metal-detected finds for research

Natasha Harlow

4 Dec

Funerary Painting and Early Roman Imperialism in Southern Italy

Tiziana D'Angelo

11 Dec

'Great is the Toil and Astonishing the Work': The Artist in Classical Greece

Margit Linder

12 Dec

Maurice Barley Lecture: Recent Research and Excavations at Thornton Abbey, Lincolnshire

Hugh Willmott


Spring 2018

 Date Title Speaker

30 Jan

What does a Socratic refutation refute?

Matthew Duncombe

6 Feb

The place between: Villa landscapes and landscape paintings

Mantha Zarmakoupi

7 Feb

Archaeology, science, and the making of China’s terracotta army

Marco Martinon-Torres

13 Feb

Sensing the Gods: Greek Sanctuaries as Sensory Landscapes

Adeline Grand-Clement

20 Feb

Little Aphrodites: Marble statuettes and religious life in Roman Syria

Andreas Kropp

21 Feb

The search for the first Berliners: osteological investigation of the cemetery of St. Petri Kirche

Natasha Powers

27 Feb

Military authority in Ammianus Marcellinus

Jeroen Wijnendale

7 Mar

Vindolanda – a fort, community and frontier in transition

Andrew Birley

13 Mar

Reproduction and the ancient Greek slave supply: some evidence and some problems

David Lewis

20 Mar

Incense, perfume, incest and (im)pietas: myrrh, religion and gender in the Roman world

Comedy and violence: the example of the basanos episode from Aristophanes’ Frogs

Thea Lawrence

Jasper Donelan

24 Apr

When is a slave a slave? The view from captivity: a Roman in Egypt, and an American in Africa

Ulrike Roth

25 Apr

Heritage matters: using the past to tackle global problems

Jon Henderson, Chris Loveluck, Holly Miller, Hannah O’Regan

1 May

All’s well that ends well? The ‘happy endings’ of satyr play

Lyndsay Coo

9 May


Christina La Rocca 



Archaeology seminars

Autumn 2017

 Date Title Speaker

4 Oct

Research Extravaganza - review of research in the department 

Archaeology academics

18 Oct

Neanderthals, Denisovans and modern humans: Unravelling the chronology of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic of Eurasia

Professor Tom Higham (University of Oxford)

1 Nov

Diet and Lifestyle in Anglo Saxon Nottinghamshire: Revelations from the study of human teeth

Anita Radini (University of York)

15 Nov

The value of archaeological approaches in post-conflict states

Colin Breen (University of Ulster)

29 Nov

Re-thinking astragali in archaeological contexts: the case-study of the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia at Sparta

Barbara Caré (University of Turin and visiting CSPS post-doc fellow)

13 Dec

Negotiating the North: Assembly Places and Practices in the Early Medieval World

Sarah Semple (Durham University)


Spring 2017

1 Feb

Skulls and houses; the development of the neolithic on the Anatolian plateau and the enticements of Catalhoyuk

Doug Baird (University of Liverpool) 

15 Feb

First millennium BC frontiers in central Italy

Simon Stoddart (University of Cambridge)  

22 Feb

Encounters with disruptive substances – sini ('china') and the Jews of 12th-century Yemen

Liz Lambourn (De Montfort University) 

1 Mar

What lies beneath? Exploring the Romano-British finds assemblage from the River Tees at Piercebridge 

Philippa Walton (University of Reading)


Autumn 2016

5 Oct

Research! Quick-fire round-up of departmental research

UoN Archaeology Staff

19 Oct

Strontium and oxygen isotope evidence for seasonal prey migrations in the European Gravettian and the origins of food storage technology

Dr Alex Pryor, Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton 

2 Nov

Aegeomania: Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology Beyond Archaeology

Dr Nicoletta Momigliano, Department of Classics, University of Bristol

16 Nov

Church, market and social life: Recent Excavations and Survey at Lenton Priory, Nottingham

Dr Gareth Davies, Trent and Peak Archaeology 

23 Nov

Transport amphorae and trade. The evidence of shipwrecks?

Dr Dimitris Kourkoumelis, Greek Ministry of Culture, Athens

14 Dec

A deep-time perspective on domestication, humans and sex

Professor Greger Larson, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford



Classics seminars

Autumn 2017

3 Oct

Gender and Sexuality in the Argonautic Tradition 

Helen Lovatt (University of Nottingham)

10 Oct

Solonian reforms: Inequality of resources, equality before the law

Vasileios Adamidis (Nottingham Trent)

24 Oct

Performing Parody: Stagecraft and 'Interperformativity' in Aristophanes' Peace and Wealth 

Naomi Scott (University of Nottingham)

31 Oct

Keeping up with the Joneses? Art, Authority and Emulation in Ancient Rome

Dominik Maschek (University of Birmingham)

14 Nov

The Goddess Isis in Vergil and Ovid: Gender, Ethnicity, and Roman Identity

Lily Panoussi (William and Mary)

21 Nov

Farmsteads and their role in classical Greek agriculture

Maeve McHugh (University of Birmingham)

23 Nov (Nottingham Girls' High School)

Wiedemann lecture - How Virgil framed Dido

Edith Hall (King's College London)

29 Nov

Re-thinking astragali in archaeological contexts: the case-study of the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia at Sparta

Barbara Carè (Turin)

Joint Classics and Archaeology paper

5 Dec

Postgraduate presentations

Slaving strategies in classical Athens

Jason Porter (University of Nottingham)

Ecphrasis, triumph and monumentality: reading the end in Silius Italicus' Punica

Angeliki Roumpou (University of Nottingham)

6 Dec

Roma Redux: The Analogical Life of US Imperialism

Mark Storey (Warwick)

12 Dec

Evolving Greek Drama

David Stuttard (Actors of Dionysus)


Spring 2017

7 Feb

Tim Parkin (University of Manchester): Rediscovering the wonder: John Turtle Wood (and his wife) at Ephesus

(Classical Association of Nottingham lecture)

14 Feb

Simon Corcoran (UCL/Newcastle University): The lives of the Justinian Code from Constantinople to Cambridge

(in collaboration with the Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies)

21 Feb

Mirko Canevaro (Edinburgh): The graphê hybreôs against slaves: the timê of the victim or the timê of the hybristês?

(in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Slavery)

28 Feb

Jan Stubbe Østergaard (Copenhagen): ‘Colour in Greek and Roman sculpture: remarks on methodology and state of research’

7 Mar

Bruno Currie (Oxford): ‘The earliest example of Homeric criticism (Herodotus 2.116-17)’

14 Mar

Stephen Hodkinson: ‘koinôniai and the Spartan way of life’

Maciej Daszuta (Warsaw): ‘Why did Herodotus take an ethnographic approach to the Spartans?’ 

(in collaboration with the Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies)

21 Mar

John Rich (Nottingham): Speeches, Sources and Significance: Aspects of Cassius Dio's 'roman History'

28 Mar

Mark Bradley (Nottingham): Missing noses 

Esther Eidinow (Nottingham): Beware of the Wolf: Reading Plato on Mount Lykaion

4 Apr

Postgraduate presentations

Stefanos Apostolou: Diluting regions: the fluctuating borders of Aeolis, Mysia, and the Troad

Kendell Heydon: The selection of the hippeis in Xenophon's Spartan Constitution and hegemonic masculinity

9 May

Michele Salzman (California/UCL): Elite Contestations and the Crisis of 455

(in collaboration with the Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies)


Autumn 2016

4 Oct

Lynn Fotheringham (Nottingham): Girl with All the Gifts = Pandora? Greek myth in Mike Carey's Melanie-stories

11 Oct

Naoise Mac Sweeney (Leicester): Ogling Hector, the Pioneer Group and Class War at Athens

18 Oct

(Joint meeting of the Classical Association of Nottingham and the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies)

David Langslow (Manchester): The business of making a Latin medical translation, and the business of making an edition of it!

25 Oct

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Cardiff): Perverted Emperors and Screaming Queens: Roman Sexual Depravity in 1930s Hollywood

1 Nov

Henriette van der Blom (Birmingham): Public speech and public career: the case of Pompey

15 Nov

Paul Christesen (Dartmouth): Equestrian competition in classical Sparta: a new interpretation of the Damonon stele

22 Nov

R.R.R. Smith (Oxford): The lives of statues in late antique Aphrodisias: new research, new finds

29 Nov

James Corke-Webster (Durham): Emperors and Christians in Eusebius of Caesarea's Ecclesiastical History 

6 Dec

Postgraduate presentations

Annie Zourgou: Praising the Loser: The Judgement of Paris in Callimachus' 5th Hymn

Stuart McCunn: Running Prefectly: The Transition of the Praetorian Prefect from a Military to Administrative Position

13 Dec

Victoria Rimell (Warwick): Time, desire, the mother: Ovid's Remedia



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