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Public events

Interested in planning an event involving experts in the history, literature and art of the ancient Greek and Roman world?

Contact NoCOut to discuss the details.

May Fest
Face painting at a University community day

Past events

Re-creating Ancient Sparta in Comics and Make Your Own Historical Comics

Saturday 13 June 2015, Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Talk by Nottingham’s Stephen Hodkinson and comics-writer Kieron Gillen about their collaboration on the historical graphic novel Three.

This was followed by a Make Your Own Historical Comics workshop with Stephen, Kieron and poetry-comics creator Chrissy Williams

Make Your Own Comic Workshop
Kieron Gillen, Chrissy Williams and Stephen Hodkinson at the Make Your Own Comic workshop


The University's community open days

On our stall at the University’s community day May Fest (now renamed Wonder) we have featured:

  • colouring and drawing activities 
  • interactive story-telling focusing on Aeneas’ escape from Troy at the end of the Trojan War
  • a Roman hair salon

Once people had had their hair done, they could call into the Digital Transformations Hub (DTH) to dress up and be inserted into an ancient scene or onto an ancient coin - see the DTH blog...

Digital Time Travellers

Digital Time Travellers
Young warriors battle it out in front of the Erechtheion, Athens, Greece

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