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Ciara Murphy

Ciara is a third-year Classical Civilisation BA student. She completed an online internship with a local PR company.

Where was your placement and what were your tasks?

"My placement was a 10-day marketing internship with a small PR company based in Nottinghamshire. It was remote and my main tasks included helping to organise a B2B networking event taking place in the upcoming months. I also contributed to content ideas to celebrate the company’s 10th birthday." 

Ciara Murphy standing outside an ancient building with her arms in the air

How did you find out about your placement? What made you want to do one?

"I discovered and applied for the placement through the Nottingham Internship Scheme which was a really easy process. I only had to fill out one application form and I was offered the role! My career aspirations are in a different industry to that of my degree course, so it’s vital for me to gain real-world experience in marketing in order to increase my chances of employment post-graduation." 

What was the most enjoyable part of your placement? 

"Sitting in on their weekly meetings was the most enjoyable and useful part of the two weeks. I was able to see how a small PR company was run and how everything works behind the scenes."

What transferable skills did you gain? 

"A major skill that has improved is the use of Microsoft Excel, which I used a lot during the placement. A good use of Microsoft Office tools is needed for many jobs and so I’m pleased I was able to improve these without even realising!"

Did you learn anything new or unexpected about yourself?

"Even though my degree involves a lot of research, I thought I only enjoyed researching my chosen topic. Instead, I just really enjoy researching as a whole! It was a huge part of my placement and I never got bored of it."

Have your future career aspirations changed because of your placement? 

"It’s solidified my plans to want to go into marketing, but has made me realise I’d prefer to work in-house at a bigger company, rather than having lots of different clients at one time." 

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