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We are deeply committed to giving you the opportunity to learn music by making music. Whether a composer, performer or music technologist you'll get valuable 'real-world' experience to prepare for careers after graduation.

Here are some recent examples our students have been involved with.

George Littlehales - Man With a Movie Camera

Students on the 'Composing for Words, Theatre and Moving Image' module compose new film scores and choral compositions. They often collaborate with students from the 'Music Production' module to record their compositions and synchronise their music with the film. George Littlehales completed both modules and composed/produced this new score for a scene from the iconic 1929 Dziga Vertov film, Man With a Movie Camera.

'Losing Her Voice' - new opera premiere

Students took part in both the chorus and instrumental ensemble as part of the premiere of 'Losing her Voice' (an innovative new multimedia opera from Elizabeth Kelly). They worked closely with all of the professionals involved in the production, from singers to stage director to stage crew. For their final assessments, they also had the opportunity to create new operatic work themselves as composers, performers and conductors.

Music for a Blue Planet

See how our students have rescored scenes from the iconic TV programme


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