Social Metaphysics Conference

Arts Centre Lecture Theatre
Tuesday 10th (08:00) - Thursday 12th July 2018 (17:30)
Mark Jago
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How should we understand the reality of social phenomena such as Race, Gender, and Disability? Are they grounded in objective features of the world, such as biological or economic facts? or by our communal beliefs and intentions? How, in general, should we understand the metaphysics of ‘social construction’, and what kind of reality do socially constructed entities enjoy? And what does all of this entail for efforts to combat injustice based on these categories? Can the construction of these categories be reversed – and should it be?

All speakers:

Elizabeth Barnes, University of Virginia

Sara Bernstein, University of Notre Dame

Åsa Burman, Stockholm University

Matthew John Cull, University of St. Andrews

Robin Dembroff, Yale University

Brian Epstein, Tufts University

Sally Haslanger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Katharine Jenkins, Nottingham University

Odin Kroeger, University of Vienna

Chong-Ming Lim, University of Oxford

Mari Mikkola, Oxford University

Jonathan Schaffer, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Quayshawn Spencer, University of Pennsylvania

Aness Webster, Nottingham University

Please join us on Friday 10-12 July in Arts Centre Lecture Theatre (A30), University of Nottingham. You are able to register here.

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