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We have been doing philosophy in the Nottingham community for many years.

Run by Dr Andrew Fisher and based on his research about the value of critical thinking and student-centred learning, the Philosophy in Schools volunteering project over the last four years has seen 80 students teaching philosophy in primary schools across Nottinghamshire.

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Philosophy in Schools volunteering project

All philosophy students at Nottingham get the chance to be involved in teaching philosophy. After training on how to deliver philosophy, classroom management, and safeguarding, students work in teams to deliver five or 10 week sessions to Key Stage 2 children.


Student feedback:

This has been one of the most valuable things I've ever done. It was really great to see the children get excited about their thoughts on questions they had never really considered before.” 


 Joe Murrary (3rd year Philosophy student)

Pupil feedback:

Since I've been going to philosophy I've been talking to my mum more...


It changed my personality... before we started the club, I didn't used to speak to a lot of people, I only used to speak to my friends but now I speak to everybody.


I suggest other people do it as well. Because it gets them thinking and, plus, it joins everybody together.



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outreach students
Philosophy students (2016) at the end of their Philosophy in Schools session


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