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  • The Department of Philosophy is a centre of research excellence.We have a wide-ranging and successful postgraduate programme.
  • We have a wide-ranging and successful postgraduate programme.
  • We are home to the Nottingham Centre for Social Philosophy.

Research Excellence Framework (REF)

The REF is the system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions.

In the REF 2014, the panel graded 69% of the department's research activity as being ‘world leading’, or ‘internationally excellent’, with the remainder all of a quality that is ‘recognised internationally'.

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I like to compare philosophy with physical exercise: you need to be disciplined, focused, to have good stamina, and practise it daily. As with regular exercise, you soon see the benefits in students – their minds clearer, their arguments sharper, their insights keener. They slowly become intellectually fit, capable of stronger arguments, able to move heavier ideas – that’s why I like teaching it. 

Ian James Kidd, Assistant Professor

We are fully compliant with the University's research ethics guidelines. 

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