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The Department of Philosophy is a centre of research excellence. We have a wide-ranging and successful postgraduate programme. We are also home to the Nottingham Centre for Social Philosophy

In the REF 2021, the panel graded over 80% of the department's publications internationally excellent, including over 40% rated as world leading.

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Research specialisms within the Department

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Research centres, networks and collaborations

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Research seminars, talks, and conferences

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Research and study programmes

I like to compare philosophy with physical exercise: you need to be disciplined, focused, to have good stamina, and practise it daily. As with regular exercise, you soon see the benefits in students – their minds clearer, their arguments sharper, their insights keener. They slowly become intellectually fit, capable of stronger arguments, able to move heavier ideas – that’s why I like teaching it. 

Ian James Kidd, Assistant Professor


The impact of our School's research

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Trust me, I'm a philosopher

Making philosophy relevant to the 'real world'

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A challenge for our times

Exploring the concept of trustworthiness

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Children should be seen and heard

Teaching philosophy to children


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