Philosophy Research Seminar - Mark Jago

Machicado Suite Willoughby Hall
Wednesday 2nd October 2019 (15:00-17:00)
Matthew Duncombe
Autumn 19 Poster

3-5pm, Wednesday 2 October

Join us in the Machicado Suite for the first Research Seminar of the semester, where our very own Mark Jago will be giving a talk on Metaphysical Structure.

Abstract: Metaphysical structure is the way things hang together, in and of themselves, and aside from their causes and effects and  propensities to behave. Examples include: truth depending on reality, the mind depending on the brain, sets depending on their members, disjunctions depending on their disjuncts, wholes depending on their parts, types being realised by their tokens, determinables being determined by their determinates. These might all be understood as cases of grounding – or rather, they might if we understood what grounding is.

All welcome!


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