Philosophy Research Seminar - Joachim Aufdeheide

Machicado Suite Willoughby Hall
Wednesday 11th December 2019 (15:00-17:00)
Matthew Duncombe
Autumn 19 Poster

3-5pm, Wednesday 11 December

Join us in the Machicado Suite for the weekly Philosophy Research Seminar, where Joachim Aufdeheide joins us from King's College to talk Eudoxus’ Hedonism.

Abstract: The paper aims at presenting and evaluating Eudoxus’ hedonism in a new light. In the first part, I attend to the psychological aspect of his hedonism, and evaluate the support given for it. In the second part, I examine more closely the normative dimension of Eudoxus’ theory. Two considerations are especially pertinent: the role of nature, which bridges the gap between the descriptive and normative claims, and Eudoxus’ conception of the highest good, a conception that markedly differs from Plato’s and Aristotle’s.

All welcome!


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