Philosophy Research Seminar - Laura D'Olimpio

Machicado Suite Willoughby Hall
Wednesday 16th October 2019 (15:00-17:00)
Matthew Duncombe
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3-5pm, Wednesday 16 October

Join us in the Machicado Suite for the weekly Philosophy Research Seminar, where Laura D'Olimpio joins us from the University of Birmingham to talk Critical Perspectivism.

Critical Perspectivism: Social Media and Moral Education

In an age of mass art and social media, the ability to identify reliable sources of information and disregard unreliable ones has become a vital skill. Yet, the educational environment has not kept pace with rapid advances in technology, despite the fact that educating students to engage critically and compassionately with others via online media is of the utmost importance. I claim that philosophical thinking skills support the adoption of an attitude I call critical perspectivism. Critical perspectivism gives citizens the ability to engage with multiple perspectives in a critical and compassionate manner. In this paper I will detail and defend critical perspectivism, with reference to examples from social media. Finally, I suggest the Community of Inquiry pedagogy as practised by proponents of philosophy in schools as offering a space in which participants can practise being critically perspectival.

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