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Quill Kukla- Autumn research seminar

Online - 365 Teams Meeting
Wednesday 13th October 2021 (15:00-16:30)
Autumn Philosophy Seminar Series Poster

Join us for our Autumn research seminars of 2021. The speaker this week is Quill Kukla, Georgetown University

Knowledge-Of as Active Aesthetic Knowledge

“When I say "I know Sarah", or "I know Berlin", what sort of knowledge am I claiming? Such knowledge of a particular is, I claim, not reducible to either propositional knowledge-that or to traditional physical know-how. Mere, bare knowledge by acquaintance also does not capture the kind of knowledge being claimed here. Using knowledge of a place, as my central example, I argue that this kind of knowledge-of is of a distinctive epistemological sort. It is a genre of inherently first-personal aesthetic knowledge, but it is also, like know-how, an active skill. I end by exploring a couple of classic problems in aesthetic epistemology, applied to the case of knowledge-of as active aesthetic knowledge.”

This talk aligns well with the Department’s Normative Philosophy (which includes epistemology), and Mind, Psychology, and Mental Health research clusters!

The talk will run on MS Teams starting at 15.00 on Wednesday 13th October. Quill will talk for about 45 mins, after which we will have a short break, and then Q&A until 16.30. To sign up for our mailing list, please email the seminar convenor, Craig French. (We require your email to send you an invitation to the online seminar.)

Any staff or graduate students are more than welcome to come along for a (non-virtual) drink or two in Beeston afterwards – for that, we will meet in the Humanities Building, C-Floor open space at 5pm and walk over to Bendigo (if you’d like to meet us there instead, please come along for about 5.30pm).

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