Laura Gow- Philosophy spring research seminar

Humanities A02
Wednesday 6th April 2022 (15:00-17:00)
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Philosophy spring seminar series poster

Join us for our spring research seminars of 2022. The speaker this week is Laura Gow, University of Liverpool

Laura's talk will be Necessarily Veridical Hallucinations


Philosophers of perception have a notoriously difficult time trying to account for hallucinatory experiences. One surprisingly quite popular move, and one which cross-cuts the representationalism/ relationalism divide, is to say that hallucinations involve an awareness of uninstantiated properties. In this paper I provide a new argument against this view. Not only are its proponents forced to classify many hallucinations as veridical, such experiences turn out to be necessarily veridical.

There will be drinks after the seminar (at the Orchard, all welcome). Any graduate students or staff are welcome to join for post-seminar dinner. If you want to join, please confirm with Craig French as soon as possible.

All are welcome. The seminars will take place Wednesdays at 3pm-5pm in Humanities A02. 

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