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Adina Covaci

Teaching Associate in Foundation Arts & Philosophy, Faculty of Arts



I work in Foundation Arts and Philosophy, having recently joined the University of Nottingham in autumn 2022. Before this, I taught at the University of Warwick, the University of Bristol, and the University of Leeds. I received my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Leeds in 2019.

Expertise Summary

Teaching: I have taught a wide range of modules in Philosophy, though a lot of my teaching has been particularly on moral philosophy. In the past, I convened modules on applied ethics, introduction to moral and political philosophy, history and philosophy of medicine, and on issues surrounding illness and death. At Nottingham, in 2022-2023, I will be convening the "Important Thinkers through History" module in Foundation Arts and teaching some seminars on the "Mind, Knowledge, and Ethics" module in Philosophy.

Research: so far, I have specialised in moral philosophy. In particular, my research focused on the issue of moral deference. Briefly, the question I've been thinking about for ages is: is it problematic in anyway to adopt moral beliefs on the basis of the say-so of a moral expert? My view is that it is indeed pro tanto problematic to recurrently defer about moral matters. Happy to tell you why and chat more about this with anyone who's interested!

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