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Janset Özün Çetinkaya

Teaching Associate in Philosophy, Faculty of Arts



I am currently a full-time Teaching Associate in Philosophy. Prior to this, I worked as a Teaching Affiliate in Theology and Religious Studies and co-convened a module on virtue ethics and literature. I hold a PhD in Philosophy from University of Nottingham, a MLitt in Philosophy from the University of St Andrews, and a MA in Philosophy from Dokuz Eylül University in İzmir, Turkey.

I have recently started working towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. In 2023, I was awarded an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy. In 2012, I achieved a Qualified Teacher Status with a pedagogical formation training (ECTS: 60 credits).

Teaching Summary

This semester (Spring 2024), I am convening a second-year module on Asian philosophy (PHIL2015) and teaching seminars of a third-year module on philosophy of artificial intelligence (PHIL3022).

I am passionate about curriculum design and decolonising the curriculum. My modules are designed to help students to engage with the methodological plurality of philosophy, to undertake a comparative analysis of European and 'non-Western' ideas, and to apply theoretical arguments to real-world issues.

I recently convened and developed a new curriculum for an existing second-year module on continental philosophy (PHIL2053). The module included engagements with global traditions of philosophy by European philosophers: (i) Arthur Schopenhauer and Indian Vedic philosophy, (ii) Michel Foucault and Zen Buddhism, and (iii) Luce Irigaray and Hinduism. Students were able to establish a dialogue between global and European traditions and respond critically and creatively to issues in Continental European philosophies by further developing ideas in global philosophical and religious traditions.

I also re-designed and convened a first-year module on philosophy of religions (PHIL1016, an existing module with 30% new content) and a second/third year theology module on virtue ethics and literature (THEO2028/3026, an existing module with 50% new content). I diversified the former module content through the inclusion of Islamic metaphysics and ethics (e.g. Mulla Sadra's noetics and eschatology, Islamic existentialism) and re-designed the latter module to allow students to contextualise literary works and figures (e.g. Sophocles' play Antigone, Homer's poem Iliad) within the contemporary philosophical and theological issues (e.g. gender performativity, environmental justice, and divine masculinity).

Research Summary

My research specialisation lies at the intersection between Aristotle's ethics and metaphysics, including his Medieval (Arabic and Christian) and contemporary reception (e.g. Christine Korsgaard, Kit… read more

Current Research

My research specialisation lies at the intersection between Aristotle's ethics and metaphysics, including his Medieval (Arabic and Christian) and contemporary reception (e.g. Christine Korsgaard, Kit Fine, Jason Kawall). I am currently working on two papers: one develops an account of prohairetic agency, arguing against the standard accounts of self-knowledge in Aristotelian scholarship, and the other examines the relationship between the essence and proprium in the context of Aristotle's account of happiness.

I am also interested in global traditions of philosophy (e.g. Indian Vedic philosophy, Yorùbá Philosophy, and Japanese Zen Buddhism) and the interdisciplinary research on happiness and friendship. My long-term projects concern (1) the metaphysics of human function and relational theories of happiness, (2) the relationship between epistemic norms and emotional demands of friendship, and (3) the philosophical roots of Islamic existentialism in a cross-cultural context.

I am currently supervising (with Dr Matthew Duncombe) a PhD thesis on character typologies and taxonomy of vices in Plato's middle dialogues.

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