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Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts


Teaching Summary

This semester I am teaching Ethics (V71ITE UK)

I have previously taught Appearance and Reality (V71LAR) and Knowledge and Justification (V72KAJ UK)

Other teaching experience: I have taught Philosophy of Science at Manchester University. I have taught Ethics and Social Philosophy at Sheffield University.

Research Summary

I am interested in collective action and the construction of the social world. More broadly, I am interested in the intersection between social and political philosophy.

In the sphere of political philosophy I am especially interested in debates about autonomy as connecting the sphere of political philosophy with that of action theory.

One of my research aspirations is to produce an account that can robustly link questions of practical political philosophy with an explanation of the underlying nature of social reality.

I am also interested in epistemology (particularly on the nature of testimony and collective testifiers), Feminism, Political Philosophy and Ethics.

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