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Lydia Farina

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts



I joined the University of Nottingham in 2019. I hold a MA and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Manchester (supervised by Joel Smith, Helen Beebee and Deborah Talmi), a MA in Classics from University College London and a BA in Classics from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2022 I have been a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. In 2023 I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (distinction) at the University of Nottingham.

Expertise Summary

My research is primarily in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics and the philosophy of artificial intelligence. I am interested in the interplay between metaphysical questions on the ontology of mental states/ categories and practical application questions in experimental psychology and artificial intelligence. I am currently working on projects relating to AI and responsibility, emotion and personal identity, and emotion in AI. I am also working on a book on the nature of AI for Wiley/Blackwell.

Teaching Summary

In 2023/24 I am teaching a 1st year module 'Philosophy and the Contemporary World' in the Autumn Semester and a 3rd year module 'Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence' in the Spring Semester.

I have teaching experience in the Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy, Introduction to Logic, Existentialism, Epistemology and Ethics.

Watch my mini lecture on 'Understanding Artificial Intelligence'

Research Summary

My current research focuses on the philosophy of mind and Human/AI Interaction. More specifically I am looking into the nature of emotion, Responsibility in AI and Human/AI Interaction.

Current research project:

Principal Investigator in: 'Creating a Dynamic Archive of Responsible Ecosystems in the Context of Creative AI'. Co-Is: Dr Helena Webb, Prof. Bernd Stahl, Prof. Steve Benford (Computer Science, UoN), Dr Spencer Jordan (English, UoN), Prof. Gabriella Giannachi (English, Exeter), Prof. Elvira Perez Vallejos (Medical Sciences, UoN), Prof. Craig Vear (Music and Computer Science, UoN), Dr John Moore (The National Archives) funded by AHRC/ BRAID programme 2024.

Current PhD supervision:

I am currently supervising Richard Keen's PhD project on the role of emotion in moral deliberation and action.

I am also currently co-supervising Favour Borokini's PhD project on the ethical implications of the design and use of avatars in virtual environments from an afrofeminist perspective (with Oliver Butler from Law and Alan Chamberlain from Computer Science).

I would be very interested in working with PhD students on the following areas:

1. Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence - e.g. AI responsibility, AI and emotion and Human/AI Interaction

2. Philosophy of Emotion- e.g. nature of emotion, emotion and identity, emotion and mental health

3. Social Ontology- e.g. the nature and powers of social kinds.

If you are interested in these areas and thinking of doing a PhD, drop me an email.

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