6 Dec Research Seminar Katherine Dell

A21 Humanities Building
Wednesday 6th December 2023 (16:00-18:00)

Department of Theology and Religious Studies Research seminars 2023-24 

6 December 2023: Prof Katharine Dell, St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge

Monotheism and Creation in Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes

Abstract: Katharine Dell’s paper considers the nature of the monotheism found in the three wisdom books Proverbs: Job and Ecclesiastes. Noting how monotheism in relation to wisdom literature has often been omitted from wider debates about Israelite monotheism, her article looks at scholarly discussions from past centuries as well as our own, providing a range of opinions, and contends that in all three books, God’s monotheistic character does emerge and that Woman Wisdom is not a threat to the one creator God.

This talk will be held in person and online. Please contact Patrice Haynes for more information: patrice.haynes@nottingham.ac.uk 

Typical timings (but check for notices re changes) 

4.00-5.00pm Seminar Talk, including tea/coffee to start

5.00-5.15pm Tea/coffee

5.15-6.00pm Responses

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