Staff from the department of Theology and Religious Studies regularly visit schools in the Nottinghamshire region and nationwide. Our team includes experts in the study of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, atheism, the Bible, philosophy, ethics, art, literature, contemporary religion, religion and science, digital media and many other topics. We are always delighted to hear from school teachers, and we can work with schools to develop talks or videos on topics relevant to your curriculum.

If you would like to work with the department on a community project or a school visit, please email Tim Hutchings.

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Theology and Religious Studies in schools

Recent presentations to schools have included workshops on:

  • religious pluralism,
  • miracle stories,
  • the history and theology of Islam,
  • religion and the environment,
  • the life of Jesus,
  • Christian feminism,
  • Black Christian liberation theology,
  • the Bible in popular culture, and many other issues as well.

We also work closely with religious organisations and community groups, helping to organise public events and student visits to places of worship.

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