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Student Academic Skills

Based in Hallward Library, we support students in developing the skills they need to be more confident in their studies. 

We are working with a range of Schools and Faculties on programmes to help students in areas such as academic writing, time management, use of feedback, and working in groups.

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Academic Skills Toolkit

Beck Maguire

Team Leader

Beck has worked in the education sector for almost 20 years. She has been supporting students at the University for the past 12 years, building and managing services within the Libraries department.

Likes: Portrait painting

Beck in yellow

Judy Fessey

Faculty focus: Medicine and Health Sciences, Sciences

Specialist areas of interest: Physiotherapy, education, student achievement

Likes: Friends and family


Sophie Pullen

Faculty focus:
Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering

Specialist areas of interest: Biological sciences, veterinary medicine

Likes: Cricket



Liz Walsh

Faculty focus: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences

Specialist areas of interest: Music education, formal and informal learning 

Likes: International travel


Tilda Stickley

Faculty focus: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences

Specialist areas of interest: Arts education, the role of play in learning

Likes: Sausage dogs 




What academic skills would you most like help with? 

As a new team we want to build a service which reflects students' needs - let us know which skills you would most like help with.

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