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Definitions and how to avoid infringement

Training resources on copyright definitions and infringement
TitleDescription Creator Format 
What is Creative Commons? 

A short video exploring Creative Commons and Copyright.

Watch on YouTube

Victor Grigas, Wikimedia Foundation Video 
About the Creative Commons licenses

About The Licenses - Creative Commons

Creative Commons Webpage
Audiovisual citation guidelines 

Learning on Screen's guidelines for referencing moving image and sound.

A useful source of advice, training and support largely aimed at those in the education sector in the UK.

Audiovisual citation guidelines

Learning on Screen (BUFVC) Website and PDF 
How to avoid copyright infringement

Basic examples of UK copyright infringement

How to avoid copyright infringement

British Library Webpage
Exceptions to copyright

Details of exceptions provided by UK legislation

Exceptions to copyright

UK Government Webpage
Fair dealing and exceptions

UK Fair Dealing

UK Copyright Exceptions

University of Glasgow Library Video
Copyright User video gallery 

Educational videos about copyright.

Video Gallery

Copyright User  Videos 
Copyright, licensing and data protection help resources 

Fact sheets and other helpful resources from Naomi Korn Associates.

Browse the resources

Naomi Korn Associates  Mix of resources
Copyright Aware

Explore more about your rights and the rights of others.

Copyright Aware - BBC

BBC  Webpage 

How long copyright lasts

UK Government  Webpage
Tracing rights holders Various  Webpage

Copyright and publishing / research

Training resources on your rights and identifying licences
Scientist meets Publisher

A short animation which highlights the issues with having to sign away your copyright (2011)

Watch on YouTube

Alex Holcombe Video
Intellectual Property Rights
  • Understand intellectual property rights and related issues
  • Explain copyright, authors’ rights, licensing and retention of rights
  • Use the Creative Commons licensing system

Intellectual property rights; Open access for researchers; Vol.:3; 2015 (


Can I use this image?

The ABCs of UK Copyright Law in the Arts

Have you ever found an image online that you thought would be a great addition to your own work?

Have you wanted to decorate a presentation, poster or your blog online?

Or perhaps you have tried to use an image found online as a starting point only, in your own work?

Watch on YouTube

YouTube video from University of Wolverhamptom


Digital images, photographs and the internet

Guidance from the UK Government aimed at small businesses and individuals who may wish to use digital or photographic images on the web.

Copyright notice: Digital images, photographs and the internet

UK Government

Locating UK Copyright Holders 

Information on locating UK copyright holders from WATCH (Writers Artists and Their Copyright Holders)

The WATCH File (

Harry Ransom Center and University of Reading Library Webpage 
Intellectual Property training

Online courses and an overview of intellectual property from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

Registration required (free of charge)

IPO Online Training Tools

Intellectual Property Office (IPO)  Webpage

Copyright relating to electronic thesis submission

Various providers Webpage 
Marking your work with a CC licence

Guidance on how to mark your work with a CC licence.

Creative Commons Wiki

Creative Commons Wiki  Webpage 
Attribution when reproducing work under a CC licence

Guidance on correct attribution when reproducing work under a CC licence.

Creative Commons Wiki

Creative Commons Wiki Webpage
Copyright User

Online resource aimed at making UK copyright law accessible.

Copyright User Webpage 

Copyright and teaching/learning

Training resources on copyright and teaching/learning
Copyright User

Online resource aimed at making UK copyright law accessible.

Exceptions for education and teaching

Video Gallery - Educational videos about copyright.

Copyright User Webpages and videos
Changes to copyright law

Guidance on significant amendments to UK copyright law that were implemented in 2014, and how they might impact on you.

GOV.UK - Changes to Copyright Law

Intellectual Property Office Webpages and PDFs
Copyright for teaching materials

Short online resource which will help you to determine whether you can use specific types of material in your teaching, and how you can use them without breaching copyright.

View online resource

Manchester Metropolitan University Online resource
Music Copyright: Understanding UK Copyright law when working with music

Explore UK music copyright law and how it can benefit musicians

Visit Future Learn

University of Glasgow - Future Learn Online course
Copyright DIY

A practical introduction for anyone who creates original materials or who uses, reuses, mixes, adapts and mashes original materials that were created by others.

Visit the course

European Multiple MOOC Aggregator (Emma) Online course
Copyright guide for students

This guidance sets out to answer questions that students may have about copyright, including: 

  • Copyright ownership
  • Copyright ownership in research
  • What others can do with your work
  • Copying learning materials
  • Using resources for work placements
  • Including materials in assignments

Copyright guide for students 

JISC Webpage

Copyright and performance/artistic works

Various providers Webpage 

Unlocking Film Rights: Understanding UK Copyright

A free online course to help researchers, producers and archivists understand UK film and TV copyright, and how to apply it.

Visit the course

 Future Learn Online Course 


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