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APC discounts for authors

Can I get a discount on article processing charges (APCs)?

The University of Nottingham has a number of agreements with certain publishers that provide discounts on article processing charges (APCs). The table below shows the current discounts available to UK-based University of Nottingham authors and some of the basic terms and conditions which apply. We recommend you contact as early as possible to check your eligibility.

(Authors at University of Nottingham Ningbo China and University of Nottingham Malaysia should check eligibility for discounts as some agreements apply to UK-based authors only.)

The University receives block grants from the UK Research Councils and the six health charities which make up the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) to cover the costs of open access publishing. 

  • UoN-affiliated authors whose work has been funded by these funders may be eligible to have the entire APC paid from the block grants. 
  • UoN-affiliated authors whose work is not funded by the Research Councils or COAF will need to identify a source of funding to cover the balance of the APC following any discount.

Please see our Requesting Open Access Funding page for more information.

How do I obtain a discount code?

When your article is accepted for publication, please complete the OA Funding Application form and return it with a copy of your author's accepted manuscript (AAM) to Please note that the process for articles accepted by BioMed Central (BMC) is slightly different (see table below).

The appropriate discount code can only be released to you after your form is approved by the Open Access team, to ensure adequate funding is in place. 

To avoid delays in processing your application, please use the guidance notes on page 2 of the form to ensure all required information is provided. 

The information below is subject to change. Always check APCs and discounts with your publisher.
Publisher discounts for UoN authors
BioMed Central (BMC)  GBP 550–1,950 15% Open Access Funding Application form to be completed on submission of article, not acceptance. Some titles do not charge an APC for open access.
British Medical Journal (BMJ) GBP  1,000–3,000 15% Some titles do not charge an APC for open access.
De Gruyter EUR 500– 1500 20% For more information, please refer to De Gruyter's home page and its pages on open access and how to apply open access discounts on articles
Frontiers USD 450–2,950 5%  
MDPI CHF 300–1,800 10% Some titles do not charge an APC for open access.
PeerJ GBP 835 10%  
Royal Society GBP 900–1,700 25%  
SAGE USD 3,000 Discount applies to SAGE Choice titles only. Flat fee of GBP 200 (or GBP 400 if after publication).
Springer USD 3,000 100% Discount applies to eligible Springer Open Choice titles only.
Taylor & Francis GBP 1,895 10% Price quoted is the standard APC for T&F Open Select journals; APCs for T&F Open journals vary.
Wiley-Blackwell GBP 355–4,200  25%  


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