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Requesting open access funding


What funding is available?

There are currently block grants available to cover your Article Processing Charges (APCs) if your work is funded by:

  • one of the UK Research Councils (formerly grouped as RCUK but now part of UKRI), including NC3Rs, but excluding Innovate UK and the UK Space Agency; or
  • a member of the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF), including the Wellcome Trust.

Both these grants have additional regulations on how these funds can be used and further information can be found using the weblinks given above.

APC charges for research not covered by these funds will require authorisation from your Head of School or authorised signatory for the project code provided. Some publishers will waive APCs on a case-by-case basis and some funders may allow fees to be charged to the grant. Please discuss with your publisher or funder directly. 

The University also has agreements with certain publishers that provide APC discounts. Our webpage APC deals for authors has more information on this.

How do I access the funding?

To apply for open access funding, please use our gold open access webform. Before you start completing the webform, please read this brief user guide.

We advise submitting a gold open access webform as soon as possible after acceptance as delay may affect the outcome of the application, particularly when requesting funding from the UKRI or COAF block grants.

Please note that for UKRI-funded papers, we expect the applicant to be the lead or corresponding author, while for COAF-supported papers it needs to be the COAF-funded author who applies.

If you have any technical problems using the webform or a comment regarding your application, please email us at

Note: The gold open access webform replaces the Open Access Funding Application Form (PDF), however we will still accept applications made using the PDF form until 31 December 2019.

Acknowledging your funder

It is vital that you acknowledge your funders in your paper. This is a requirement of UKRI and COAF funding in order to support data and text mining to ensure compliance with policy and track funded papers. The recommended acknowledgement template which follows is based on funder-approved RIN guidance

This work was supported by the Research Council A [grant numbers wwww, xxxx]; the Research Council B [grant number yyyy]; and the Research Funder C [grant number zzzz].


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