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The School of Life Sciences Equality & Diversity Committee Members 

Equality and Diversity Commitee

From left to right; Shaun Hare, Gillian Coburn, Natasha Russell, Miguel Camara, Despina Constantin, Jeanette Woolard, Kim Hardie, Sally Cordon, Diane Mitchell, Gemma Bosson, Ronald Chalmers, Tamsin Majerus and Yvonne Mbaki.


 " The purpose of the Life Sciences Equality and Diversity Committee is to ensure the formulation and implementation of policy and practice for the promotion of equal opportunities across the School. "

The Equality and Diversity Committee will receive reports from the Athena Swan Committee and the Staff Development Committee and will report to both the School of Life Sciences Management Executive Committee and the Faculty of Medicine Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group.

Please feel free to email your comments, issues and questions to the committee.

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Committee Member Specialisms and Accreditations

If you would like any help or support relating to specific issues, please use the below table to identify a relevant committee member, who will be happy to help.


MemberDepartment, Additional Committee Membership and Accrediations

Miguel Camara (Chair)

Miguel Camara

Research & Teaching - Faculty of Medicine Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Group, SoLS Management Executive Committee, SoLS Postgraduate Research Committee.                                                                              

Yvonne Mbaki (Vice Chair)


Ronald Chalmers Research & Teaching
Gillian Coburn Teaching - Disabled Staff Network, National Association of Disabled Staff Network, SoLS Teaching Committee
Despina Constantin Research and Teaching
Sally Cordon  Technical Services
Darren Furniss Admin Professional Management - School Finance Committee, School SAMTT member, Medical School Stores Committee
Kim Hardie Research & Teaching - Staff Development Commitee
Shaun Hare Admin Professional Management School SAMTT Member
Chris Jones Teaching
Liaque Latif Technical Services
Tamsin Majerus Research & Teaching - Member of ED&I board, Depulty Chair of WiN (Women in Nottingham, UoN) Member of Suppport & Challenge WiN subgroup, Member of CDEC (School of Medicine Athena SWAN SAT), Athena SWAN Coordinator
Sarah Marshall Admin Professional Management
Diane Mitchell Admin Professional Management - School SAMTT Member, Staff Development Commitee
Jennie Phillips  Admin Professional Management
Natasha Russell Admin Professional Management
Jeanette Woolard                                                                                                                                           

Research & Teaching - Chair of Athena SWAN Committee (SoLS), Deputy member of WiN (Women in Nottingham, UoN) Member of BPS WIP (British Pharmacological Society, Women in Pharmacology working group)

Gemma Bosson Admin Professional Management - Women's Staff Network

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