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Often is it helpful to get advice, support and guidance on equality and diversity issues from more specialised resources. See below for details on some of these resources within and beyond our School.


Staff Networks

Staff Networks are open to all staff, of all job families and form an important part of the consultative process across a wide range of workplace issues.  Networks are independent of HR, are led by interested members of staff, and seek to provide information and support to colleagues who might appreciate an informal, confidential, peer-run environment.

Please find the below resources regarding all of our staff networks.

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 Staff Disability Network

Details about the Staff Disability Network
The Disabled Staff Network, reporting to the Staff Equality and Diversity Advisory group aims to do this for the greater good of all disabled employees.Meetings are held approximately termly.The Disabled Staff Network Workspace is a place where members of the Disabled Staff Network can read useful articles/items and consultations and post anything they think might be of use to others. Minutes and agendas will appear here. The network workspace is restricted to those staff who are members however membership is easily obtained by email to the current convenor Gill Coburn.

 Carers Staff Network

Details about the Carer's Staff Network
The network provides a forum for carers to provide mutual support and exchange information and ideas. It also acts as a mechanism for communication with the University, in particular Human Resources, and raises issues of policy, practice and procedure. The network is supported by Professional Development and Human Resources.A carers network workspace is available to members, contact June McCombie for details.

 Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Staff Network

Details about the BME Staff Network

The aims of the BME Staff Network are: 

  • Provide a forum for BME staff to network and at which we can discuss issues of specific interest that have an effect on us; 
  • Provide professional support and information about how individual issues may be raised; 
  • Act as a voice for BME staff offering a source of consultation and a means of communicating with the University about BME issues in relation to University policies and practices; and 
  • Assist with policy development on BME issues by providing advice and feedback to SEDAG, Human Resources and other relevant University committees 

The BME Staff Network is delighted to welcome new members and contributions from existing members.  

Membership of the network remains confidential.

We also have our own workspace page, if you would like access please contact the BME Staff Network Covenor.


 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Questioning (LGBTQ) Staff Network

Details about the LGBTQ Staff Network
The LGBTQ Staff Network is for all staff employed by the University of Nottingham who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or who are questioning their gender identity or sexuality. The LGBTQ Network recognises that people have a number of identities and can face challenges associated with their gender, ethnicity, disability, religion and age alongside their sexuality. The Network has been set up to welcome people from a diversity of backgrounds. The LGBTQ Network is run by people who identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans or who are questioning their identity and is supported by the Staff Equality and Diversity Advisory GroupContact for more information.

 Womens' Staff Network

Details about the Womens' Staff Network

The Network Remit is

  • Act as a confidential forum for debate and networking for women at the University of Nottingham in both formal and informal settings
  • Act as a mechanism for communication with the University through formal representation at SEDAG and via relevant University committees and Human Resources
  • Act as a mechanism for consultation on workplace issues by the University formally channelled through SEDAG
  • Provide a source of information and support relating to existing processes and mechanisms by which individuals issues can be raised through the formal line management systems

If you wish to contact any of the Committee Members please email WSN Committee



Staff Diginity Network

There are a number of Staff Diginity Advisors throughout the University. See Staff Diginity Advisors list for more details. If you would like to speak to someone specifically within Life Sciences details of our school advisors are below.

Dignity Advisers from Life Sciences within Nottingham Network
Dignity AdvisersSchool/DepartmentTelephone No:Email Address
Ann Lowe School of Life Sciences (University Park Campus) 0115 95 13243
Susan Stelmak School of Life Sciences(QMC) 0115 82 30109


University Wide Information

External Organisations

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