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Are you thinking about doing a PhD in a linguistic related discipline?

Why not study here with us at LiPP? 

Tristan Emerson and Leigh Harrington PhD Researchers

We are world leading linguistic experts dealing not only in research but also in real life business communication interactions for a variety of clients.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our current postgraduates have to say about studying with us. To find out more or to discuss working with us, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

Leigh Harrington PhD Research Student
Leigh Harrington
ESRC Funded Applied Linguistics PhD Student (currently in my first year)
"Working with LiPP has definitely enhanced studying for my doctorate in a number of ways. A PhD can be an isolating experience, so engaging with a variety of research projects, workshops and consultancies and being able to work with world-renowned academics who have such diverse specialisms is really enriching process.

As well as seeing cutting-edge applied linguistics research unfold around me, being affiliated with LiPP is helping me gain practical skills and experience that are important after a PhD for any career in academia or in industry. The opportunity to design and deliver my own consultancy to a local SME under the guidance of LiPP staff is particularly invaluable. As well as contributing to my studies, this experience has shown me how to collaborate with practitioners to ensure that my skills as a linguist are used to help improve communication in the working world.

I have also undertaken a paid placement which has significantly enhanced my understanding of universities’ engagement with the impact agenda. It was my role to document and evaluate the ways in which strong research culture at LiPP can positively contribute to the UK’s economy, society, and culture.

Working alongside a business unit like LiPP during my studies has so far been a unique, educating and refreshing process that I would recommend to any post-graduate researcher."

Tristan Emerson ERDF PhD Researcher/LiPP Business Consultant
Tristan Emerson
ERDF PhD Researcher/LiPP Business Consultant (currently in my first year)
"Being located within the LiPP team as a PhD researcher brings about a unique learning experience that - as one colleague noted - is perhaps is more akin to science-based collaborative research than that you’d traditionally expect from either English or the humanities generally. At any one time within LiPP there is a multitude of live projects, workshops, consultancies and academic writing that seek to fuse linguistic research with so-called ‘real world’ workplace problems. Engaging with businesses, public bodies and other UoN schools through LiPP not only provides ongoing context to my research, but also offers valuable insight into the administration and practicalities of interdisciplinary research, as well providing a wealth of experience and transferrable skill development for life beyond PhD".




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